Soft Machine


     The Softies take shape: Kevin Ayers, Hugh Hopper, Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt.


1968.12       THE SOFT MACHINE                                   US.160

              1.Hope for Happiness  2.Joy of a Toy  3.Hope for Happiness (Reprise) 

              4.Why Am I So Short?  5.So Boot If At All  6.Certain Kind  7.Save Yourself 

              8.Priscilla  9.Lullabye Letter  10.We Did It Again  11.Plus Belle qu’une

              Poubelle  12.Why Are We Sleeping?  13.Box 25/4 Lid


(orig lp)     Horzu 908-BL, 1969: US Probe CPLP-4500X [gf], FRA Barclay 0920082 [diff.


(reiss lp)    GER Big Beat WIKA-57 [gf], 2007: UK Tapestry TPT-226 [gf/180g vinyl/500

              copies], 2007: JPN Universal UIJY-9012 [200g vinyl/gf/diecut]

(reiss 2-lp)  1973: US Command RSSD-964

(reiss cd)    1993: US One Way ONE-22064, 2006: JPN Universal UICY-9687 [digrem], 2008:

              JPN Universal UICY-90780 [shmcd]

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 14.Love Makes Sweet Music  15.Feelin’, Reelin’, Squealin’

              2009: UK Polydor 5320 505 [digrem]


              1975: FRA Atlantic 60113 [gf], GER Atco 60113 [gf]

(reiss cdz)   w. VOLUME TWO

              1989: GER Big Beat CDWIKD-920


1969          A1.JOY OF A TOY

              B1.Why Are We Sleeping

              7”: US Probe 452


1969.04       VOLUME TWO

              1.Pataphysical Introduction, Part 1  2.Concise British Alphabet, Part 1 

              3.Hibou, Anemone and Bear  4.Concise British Alphabest, Part 2  5.Hulloder 

              6.Dada Was Here  7.Thank You Pierrot Lunaire  8.Have You Ever Bean Green? 

              9.Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2  10.Out of Tunes  11.As Long As He

              Lies Perfectly Still  12.Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening 

              13.Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging  14.Pig  15.Orange Skin Food 

              16.Door Opens and Closes  17.10:30 Returns to the Bedroom


(orig lp)     Probe 1002, US Probe CPLP-4505

(reiss lp)    GER Big Beat WIKA-58 [gf]

(reiss cd)    1993: US One Way ONE-22065


     Now with guests Elton Dean, Jimmy Hastings and others.


1970.06       THIRD

              Produced by Soft Machine

              A1.Facelift (Live)  A2.Slightly All the Time  B1.Moon in June  B2.Out-



(orig 2-lp)   US Columbia G-30339 [gf], US Columbia G-30339 [gf/banded promo], FRA

              Barclay 920224/5 [gf]

(reiss 2-lp)  UK CBS 66246 [gf]

(reiss cd)    July 9, 1991: US Columbia CGK-30339, UK Columbia 471407

(reiss 2-cdx) w. bonus CD feat. live tracks from Royal Albert Hall: 5.Out-Bloody-Rageous 

              6.Facelift  7.Esther’s Nose Job

              2007: UK Sony/BMG 687293 [digrem], 2007: JPN Sony MHCP-1292/3 [digrem]


1970          THE SOFT MACHINE

              1.Hibou Anemone & Bear  2.Dada Was Here  3.Out of Tunes  4.As Long As He

              Lies Perfectly Still  5.Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening  6.Hope

              for Happiness  7.Joy of a Toy  8.Hope for Happiness (Reprise)  9.Plus

              Belle Qu’une Poubelle  10.Why Are We Sleeping?  11.Box 25/4 Lid


(orig lp)     GER Hor Zu SHZE-908BL


1971.02       FOURTH

              Produced by Soft Machine

              1.Teeth  2.Kings and Queens  3.Fletcher’s Blemish  4.Virtually, Parts 1-4


(orig lp)     US Columbia C-30754

(reiss lp)    US Columbia PC-30754

(reiss cd)    1995: US One Way ONE-26254, February 19 2007: UK Sony/BMG 687291 [digrem],

              2007: JPN Sony MHCP-1294 [digrem]

(reiss cdz)   repackaged w. FIFTH

              1999: UK Columbia 493341


1971          FACES & PLACES


(orig lp)     BYG 529907


1972.06       FIVE

              1.All White  2.Drop  3.M.C.  4.As If  5.LBO  6.Pigling Bland  7.Bone


(orig lp)     US Columbia KC-31604

(reiss cd)    1995: US One Way ONE-26227

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 8.All White (Take Two)

              February 19 2007: UK Sony/BMG 687290 [digrem], 2007: JPN Sony MHCP-1295



     Karl Jenkins (saxophone) replaces Elton Dean.


1973.02       SIX

              1.Fanfare  2.All White  3.Between  4.Riff  5.37 1/2  6.Gesolreut  7.E.P.V. 

              8.Lefty  9.Stumble  10.5 from 13 (For Phil Seamen with Love & Thanks) 

              11.Riff II  12.The Soft Weed Factor  13.Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album 

              14.Chloe and the Pirates  15.1983


(orig 2-lp)   UK CBS 68214 [gf], US Columbia KG-32260 [gf]

(reiss cd)    December 6 1995: US One Way A-26255, 1999: UK Columbia 494981, February 19 2007: UK Sony/BMG 75912

              [digrem], 2007: JPN Sony MHCP-1296 [digrem]

(reiss 2-cdz) w. SEVEN

              March 22 2004: UK Edsel MEDCD-740, 1996: US One Way


     Roy Babbington (bass) replaces Hugh Hopper.


1974.05       SEVEN

              Produced by Soft Machine

              A1.Nettle Bed  A2.Carol Ann  A3.Day’s Eye  A4.Bone Fire  A5.Tarabos 

              A6.D.I.S.  B1.Snodland  B2.Penny Hitch  B3.Block  B4.Down the Road  B5.The

              German Lesson  B6.The French Lesson


(orig lp)     UK/NET CBS S65799 [gf], US Columbia KC-32716 [diff. cover]

(reiss lp)    US Columbia PC-32716

(reiss cd)    January 23, 1996: US One Way A-26256, JPN Epic ESCA-5419, February 19

              2007: UK Sony/BMG 687292 [digrem], 2007: JPN Sony MHCP-1297 [digrem]


     Now with guests John Etheridge (guitar), Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Alan Wakeman

       (keyboards) and Ray Warleigh.


1975.04       BUNDLES

              1.Hazard Profile, Parts 1-5  2.Gone Sailing  3.Bundles  4.Land of the Bag

              Snake  5.The Man Who Waved at Trains  6.Peff  7.Four Gongs Two Drums 

              8.The Floating World


(orig lp)     UK Harvest SHSP-4044 [ps], JPN EMI EMS-80222

(reiss cd)    See for Miles 283


1976          RUBBER RIFF

              1.Crunch  2.Pavan  3.Jombles  4.Little Floating Music  5.Hi-Power 

              6.Little Miss B  7.Splot  8.Rubber Riff  9.Sam’s Short Shuffle  10.Melina 

              11.City Steps  12.Gentle Turn  13.Porky  14.Travelogue


(orig lp)     De Wolfe 3331

(reiss cd)    Blueprint 190


1976.06       SOFTS

              1.Aubade  2.The Tale of Taliesin  3.Ban-Ban Caliban  4.Song of Aeolus 

              5.Out of Season  6.Second Bundle  7.Kayoo  8.The Camden Tandem  9.Nexus 

              10.One Over the Eight  11.Elka


(orig lp)     UK Harvest SHSP-4056, JPN Harvest EMS-80615

(reiss cd)    See for Miles 285


1977.01       AT THE BEGINNING

              1.That’s How Much I Need You Now  2.Save Yourself  3.I Should’ve Known 

              4.Jet-Propelled Photograph  5.When I Don’t Want You  6.Memories  7.You

              Don’t Remember  8.She’s Gone  9.I’d Rather Be with You


(orig lp)     FRA Charly 2933212

(reiss cd)    2000: Dressed to Kill 380


1977.03       TRIPLE ECHO


(orig lp)     Harvest 800



              1.White Kite  2.Eos  3.Odds Bullets & Blades Part I  4.Odds Bullets &

              Blades Part II  5.Song of the Sunbird  6.Puffin  7.Huffin  8.Number Three 

              9.The Nodder  10.Surrounding Silence  11.Soft Space


(orig lp)     UK Harvest SHSP-4083, FRA Atlantic 50478, JPN EMI EMS-81076

(reiss cd)    See for Miles 290, 1992: JPN Jimco JICK-89043


1978          A1.SOFT SPACE PART I (Edited Version)

              B1.Soft Space Part II (Edited Disco Version)

              7”: UK Harvest HAR-5155, UK Harvest PSR-419 [promo]


1980          MEMORIES


(orig lp)     Accord SN-7178


1981          THE LAND OF COCKAYNE

              1.Over ‘n’ Above  2.Lotus Groves  3.Isle of the Blessed  4.Panoramania 

              5.Behind the Crystal Curtain  6.Palace of Glass  7.Hot-Biscuit Slim 

              8.(Black) Velvet Mountain  9.Sly Monkey  10.Lot of What You Fancy


(orig lp)     EMI 3348

(reiss cd)    1996: US One Way ONE-18936


1988          LIVE AT THE PROMS 1970


(orig cd)     Reckless 5



              A1.Hazard Profile Parts 1-5  A2.The Man Who Waved at Trains  A3.Peff 

              A4.Four Gongs Two Drums  A5.Ban Ban Caliban  A6.Song of Aeolus  B1.Aubade 

              B2.Second Bundle  B3.Kayoo  B4.Camdem Tandem  B5.Nexus  B6.One Over the

              Eight  B7.Etika  B8.Puffin  B9.Huffin  B10.The Nodder  B11.Soft Space


(orig 2-lp)   UK Castle CCSLP-281 [gf]

(orig 2-cs)   UK Castle CCSMC-281

(orig cd)     UK Castle CCSCD-281


1991          THE PEEL SESSIONS

              1.Moon in June  2.Esther’s Nose Job  3.Mousette Noisette Backwards 

              4.Mousetrap (Reprise)  5.Slightly All the Time  6.Out-Bloody-Rageous 

              7.Eamonn Andrews  8.Facelift  9.Virtually  10.Neo Caliban Grides  11.Drop 

              12.As If  13.Dedicated to You But You Weren’t Listening


(orig cd)     Dutch East India 8501



              1.Fanfare  2.All White  3.Slightly All the Time  4.M.C.  5.Drop  6.Stumble 

              7.I.B.O.  8.As If  9.Riff


(orig cd)     Windsong 56

(reiss cd)    May 7 1996: Windsong 31



              1.That’s How Much I Need You Now  2.Save Yourself  3.I Should’ve Known 

              4.Jet-Propelled Photograph  5.When I Don’t Want You  6.Memories  7.You

              Don’t Remember  8.She’s Gone/I’d Rather Be With You


(orig cd)     Griffin 269

(reiss cd)    2003: UK Snapper SNAP-133CD

(reiss cdz)   released as JET PROPELLED

              1995: FRA Spalax 14816


1995.11.7     LIVE IN FRANCE

              1.Plain Tiffs  2.All White  3.Slightly All the Time  4.Drop  5.M.C. 

              6.Out-Bloody-Rageous  7.Facelift  8.And Sevens  9.As If  10.LBO 

              11.Pigling Bland  12.At Sixes


(orig 2-cd)   US One Way ONE-31445


1995.11.1     LIVE AT THE PARADISO 1969

              1.Hulloder  2.Dada Was Here  3.Thank You Pierrot Lunaire  4.Have You Ever

              Bean Green?  5.Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2  6.As Long As He Lies

              Perfectly Still  7.Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging  8.Hibou,

              Anemone and Bear  9.Pig  10.Orange Skin Food  11.Door Opens and Closes 

              12.10:30 Returns to the Bedroom


(orig cd)     Griffin Music 541

(reiss cd)    1996: US Blueprint RSG-193



              1.Hazard Profile, Part 1  2.Gone Sailing  3.Bundles  4.Land of the

              Bagsnake  5.Man Who Waved at Trains  6.Peff  7.Four Gongs Two Drums 

              8.Song of Aeolus  9.Kayoo  10.Aubade  11.Second Bundle  12.Camden Tandem 

              13.One Over the Eight  14.Number Three  15.Nodder  16.Soft Space


(orig cd)     See for Miles 623



1996.10       SPACED

              1.Spaced One  2.Spaced Two  3.Spaced Three  4.Spaced Four  5.Spaced Five 

              6.Space Six  7.Spaced Seven


(orig cd)     UK Cuneiform RUNE-90


1998.01.12    VIRTUALLY

              1.Facelift  2.Virtually  3.Slightly All the Time  4.Fletcher’s Blemish 

              5.Neo Caliban Grides  6.Out-Bloody-Rageous  7.Eamonn Andrews  8.All White 

              9.Kings and Queens  10.Teeth  11.Pigling Bland


(orig cd)     UK/US Cuneiform RUNE-100


1998.10.13    LIVE 1970

              1.Facelift (Excerpt)  2.Moon in June (Excerpt)  3.Out-Bloody-Rageous 

              4.Facelift  5.Pig  6.Orange Skin Food  7.Door Opens and Closes  8.10:30

              Returns to the Bedroom


(orig cd)     US Blueprint 290


1999          SOFT MACHINE


(orig cd)     NET label unknown


2000.01.18    NOISETTE

              1.Eamonn Andrews  2.Mousetrap  3.Backwards  4.Mousetrap (Reprise) 

              5.Hibou, Anemone and Bear  6.Moon in June  7.12/8 Theme  8.Esther’s Nose

              Job  9.We Did It Again


(orig cd)     UK Cuneiform RUNE-130


2001.03.27    MAN IN A DEAF CORNER: ANTHOLOGY 1963-1970

              A1.Belsize Parked  A2.Dear Olde Benny Green is A-Turnin’ in His Grave 

              A3.Frenetica  A4.Orientasian  A5.Da-Da-Dee/Bolivar Blues  A6.Man in a Deaf

              Corner  A7.We Know What You Mean  A8.I Should’ve Known  A9.Hope for

              Happiness  B1.Hulloder  B2.Dada Was Here  B3.Thank You Pierrot Lunaire 

              B4. Have You Ever Bean Green?  B5.Pataphysical Introduction, Part 2 

              B6.Hibou, Anemone and Bear  B7.Pig  B8.Orange Skin Food  B9.Door Opens and

              Closes  B10.10:30 Returns to the Bedroom  B11.Facelift  B12.Moon in June 

              B13.Mousetrap  B14.Noisette (Live)  B15.Backwards (Live)  B16.Mousetrap

              (Reprise) (Live)  B17.As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still (Live)


(orig 2-cd)   UK Trojan CRESTDCD-062Z, US Sanctuary 80259

(reiss 2-cd)  2004: UK Sanctuary CMDDD-897


2001.07.25    TURNS ON VOLUME 1


(orig cd)     Vivid Sound


2001.07.25    TURNS ON VOLUME 2


(orig cd)     Vivid Sound

(reiss cd)    April 8 2003: US United States of Distribution USD-204


2002.05.07    BACKWARDS

              1.Facelift  2.Moon in June  3.Esther’s Nose Job  4.Facelift  5.Hibou

              Anemone and Bear  6.Moon in June


(orig cd)     UK Cuneiform RUNE-170


2002.05.17    FACELIFT


(orig 2-cd)   UK Voiceprint, October 15 2002: US United States of Distribution 111


2003.03.21    BBC RADIO 1967-1971

              A1.Clarence in Wonderland  A2.We Know What You Mean  A3.Certain Kind 

              A4.Hope for Happiness  A5.Strangest Scene  A6.Facelift/Mousetrap/Noisette/

              Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise  A7.The Moon in June  A8.Instant Pussy 

              A9.Slightly All the Time/Out Bloody Rageous/Eamonn Andrews  B1.Virtually 

              B2.Fletcher’s Blemish  B3.Neo-Caliban Grides  B4.Dedicated to You But You

              Weren’t Listening  B5.Eamonn Andrews/All White  B6.Mousetrap/Noisette/

              Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise/Esther’s Nose Job


(orig 2-cd)   UK Hux/Pinnacle HUX-037



              A1.Hulloder  A2. Dada Was Here  A3.Thank You Pierrot Lunaire  A4.Have You

              Ever Been Green  A5.Pataphysical Introduction – Part 2  A6.As Long As He

              Lies Perfectly Still  A7.Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging  A8.Hibou

              Anemone and Bear  A9.Fire Engine – Reprise  A10.Facelift  A11.Moon in June 

              B1.Slightly All the Time  B2.Mousetrap  B3.Noisette  B4.Backwards 

              B5.Mousetrap - Reprise  B6.Eamonn Andrews  B7.Esther’s Nose Job 

              B8.Pigling Bland  B9.I Should’ve Known  B10.Esther’s Nose Job – Reprise 

              B11.Pig  B12.Orange Skin Food/A Door Opens and Closes/10:30 Returns to the



(orig 2-cd)   UK Recall SMDCD-456


2004.03.09    BBC RADIO 1971-1974


(orig 2-cd)   UK Hux/Dressed to Kill 47


2004.04.19    SOMEWHERE IN SOHO

              A1.Slightly All the Time  A2.Out-Bloody Rageous  A3.Eamonn Andrews 

              A4.Mousetrap  A5.Noisette  A6.Backwards  A7.Mousetrap – Reprise  A8.Hibou

              Anemone & Bear  B1.Facelift  B2.Moon in June  B3.Esther’s Nose Job 

              B4.Pigling Bland  B5.Cymbalism  B6.Esther’s Nose Job - Reprise


(orig 2-cd)   UK Pinnacle VP-262CD


2004.05.04    LIVE IN PARIS

              A1.Plain Tiffs  A2.All White  A3.Slightly All the Time  A4.Drop  A5.M.C. 

              A6.Out-Bloody-Rageous  B1.Facelift  B2.And Sevens  B3.As If  B4.LBO 

              B5.Pigling Bland  B6.At Sixes


(orig 2-cd)   UK Cuneiform RUNE-195/6


2004          LIVE IN CONCERT

              A1.Blind Badger  2.Neo Caliban Grides  3.Medley: Out-Bloody-Rageous/Eamonn

              Andrews/All White/Kings and Queens/Teeth/Pigling Bland  B1.Fanfare  B2.All

              White  B3.Slightly All the Time  B4.M.C.  B5.Drop  B6.Stumble  B7.LBO 

              B8.As If  B9.Riff


(orig 2-cd)   UK Strange Fruit SFRSCD-126


2005.02.22    BREDA REACTOR 1971

              A1.Eammon Andrews  A2.Mousetrap  A3.Noisette  A4.Backwards  A5.Mousetrap

              (Reprise)  A6.Hibou Anemone & Bear  B1.Facelift  B2.Moon in June  B3.12/8

              Theme  B4.Drum Link  B5.Esther’s Nose Job  B6.Pigling Bland  B7.Cymbalism 

              B8.Out-Bloody-Rageous (Excerpt)  B9.Esther’s Nose Job (Reprise)  B10.We

              Did It Again


(orig 2-cd)   UK Voiceprint VP-345CD, US United States of Distribution 554


2005.05.24    OUT-BLOODY-RAGEOUS: AN ANTHOLOGY 1967-1973

              A1.Feelin’ Reelin’ Squeelin’  A2.Love Makes Sweet Music  A3.Hope for

              Happiness  A4.Joy of a Toy  A5.Hope for Happiness (Reprise)  A6.We Did It

              Again  A7.Plus Belle qu’une Poubelle  A8.Why Are We Sleeping? 

              A9.Pataphysical Introduction Part One  A10.A Concise British Alphabet Part

              One  A11.Hibou Anemone & Bear  A12.A Concise British Alphabet Part Two 

              A13.Hullo Der  A14.As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still  A15.Dedicated to

              You But You Weren’t Listening  A16.Out-Bloody-Rageous  A17.Moon in June 

              B1.Teeth  B2. Virtually Part Four  B3.Kings & Queens  B4.All White 

              B5.Drop  B6.Pigling Bland  B7.Gesolreut (Live)  B8.The Soft Weed Factor 

              B9.Chloe and the Pirates  B10.Penny Hitch  B11.Down the Road  B12.The

              German Lesson  B13.The French Lesson


(orig 2-cd)   UK Sony 520039


2005.07.12    BBC IN CONCERT 1971 

              1.John Peel Introduction  2.Blind Badger  3.Neo-Caliban Grides  4.Out-

              Bloody Rageous – Excerpt: Eamonn Andrews/All White/Kings and Queens/

              Teeth/Pigling Bland/10:30 Returns to the Bedroom  5.Slightly All the Time

              – Excerpt/Noisette


(orig cd)     UK Hux HUX-067


2005.09.05    BRITISH TOUR ‘75

              1.Bundles  2.Land of the Bag Snake  3.Out of Season  4.The Man Who Waved

              at Trains  5.Floating World  6.Ban Ban Caliban  7.Sideburn  8.Hazard

              Profile Parts 1-5  9.Song of Aeolus  10.Sign of Five


(orig cd)     MLP


2005.09.20    LIVE IN ZAANDAM

              1.Ash  2.1212  3.Baker’s Street  4.Kings & Queens  5.Two Down  6.Big



(orig cd)     UK Moonjune FGBG-4617AR


2005.10.04    SOFTSTAGE: BBC IN CONCERT 1972

              1.Fanfare  2.All White  3.Slightly All the Time  4.MC  5.Drop  6.Stumble 

              7.One Across  8.As If  9.Riff  10.Gesolreut


(orig cd)     UK Hux HUX-070



              1.The Floating World  2.Bundles  3.Land of the Bag Snake  4.Ealing Comedy 

              5.The Man Who Waved at Trains  6.Peff  7.North Point  8.Hazard Profile

              Part One  9.J.S.M.  10.Riff III  11.Song of Aeolus  12.Endgame  13.Penny

              Hitch (Coda)


(orig cd)     US MoonJune 007, JPN label unknwon SDCP-1002


2006.05.23    GRIDES

              1.Facelift  2.Virtually  3.Out-Bloody-Rageous  4.Neo-Caliban Grides 

              5.Teeth  6.Slightly All the Time  7.Eamonn Andrews  8.Esther’s Nose Job 

              9.Slightly All the Time/Noisette


(orig cd/dvd) US Cuneiform RUNE-230/1 [w. DVD]



              A1.Ash  A2.Seven for Lee  A3.1212  A4.Baker’s Treat  B1.Has Riff  B2.Kings

              & Queens  B3.Sideburn  B4.Two Down  B5.Kite Runner  B6.Strange Comforts


(orig 2-cd)   GER Inakustik INAK-9076



              1.Clarence in Wonderland  2.We Know What You Mean  3.Bossa Nova Express 

              4.Hope for Happiness  5.Disorganisation  6.We Did It Again  7.Why Are We

              Sleeping  8.I Should Have Known  9.That’s How Much I Need You Now  10.I

              Should’ve Known  11.Certain Kind


(orig cd)     UK Cuneiform RUNE-235


2007.08.21    STEAM

              Produced by Soft Machine Legacy

              1.Footloose  2.The Steamer  3.The Big Man  4.Chloe & The Pirates  5.In the

              Back Room  6.The Last Day  7.Firefly  8.So English  9.Dave Acto 

              10.Anything to Anywhere


(orig cd)     US Moonjune


2008          DROP

              1.Neo Caliban Grides  2.All White  3.Slightly All the Time  4.Drop  5.M.C. 

              6.Out-Bloody-Rageous  7.As If  8.Dark Swing  9.Intropigling  10.Pigling



(orig cd)     UK Moonjune MJR-023