CCM-433-2 Space Opera
Produced by Space Opera
Released on 1972
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CCM-433-2 cover
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S pace cowboys, sure. Space opera? No. The band’s first album isn’t a tortuously complex concept album but rather a collection of country pop/rock songs that invite comparison to The Byrds, Eagles and other folk/rock artists of the day. While it doesn’t constitute progressive rock, there are moments when Space Opera pushes their music into interstellar overdrive: “Guitar Suite,” “Over And Over,” “Holy River.” Listeners have heard in these agitated exceptions traces of Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp and other icons of the progressive renaissance. However, this facet of the band (which seemed to stem from Scott Fraser) isn’t the main attraction. It’s only one ingredient, an unexpected one, that deserves a backseat behind the would-be hits: “Country Max” (with its shades of “Freebird”) and “My Telephone Artist.” These make the strongest case for Space Opera as a sustainable band, one that might have flourished in the cowboy rock climate of the mid Seventies. Like the Eagles, they were fortunate to have several songwriters with different musical personalities: Fraser’s arty experiments, Bullock’s concise cowboy rock and the softer folk rock of Philip White. Honestly, as a progressive rock fan, I’m most interested in Space Opera when they’re most experimental, but as a music fan I have to admit that the whole album goes down easy. But first, you’ll need to put any notions of space operas right out of your head, since this music inhabits an entirely different universe than Hawkwind. Instead, it belongs to a world where folk and rock and psychedelia intertwine, the great plain of the space cowboy.

CCM-433-2 lyric sleeve CCM-433-2 back sleeve
CCM-433-2 lyric sleeve CCM-433-2 back sleeve


  1. COUNTRY MAX    (David Bullock)    3:20
  2. HOLY RIVER    (Scott Fraser)    5:26
  3. OUTLINES    (Philip White)    4:10
  4. GUITAR SUITE    (Scott Fraser/David Bullock/Philip White/Brett Wilson)    7:36
  5. MY TELEPHONE ARTIST (HAS COME AND GONE)    (David Bullock)    3:46
  6. RIDDLE    (Philip White)    3:05
  7. PRELUDE NO. 4    (Philip White)    3:52
  8. LOOKOUT    (Scott Fraser)    2:46
  9. BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN    (David Bullock)    2:11
  10. OVER AND OVER    (Scott Fraser)    5:56

    Arranged by Space Opera


DAVID BULLOCK -- guitar, flute, harmonica, vocal, design
SCOTT FRASER -- guitar, keyboards, vocal
PHILIP WHITE -- bass, guitar, keyboards, vocal
BRETT WILSON -- drums, percussion
Rick Capreal -- engineer
Lee DeCarlo -- engineer
Dave DeVore -- mixing
Cass O. Edwards III -- mixing
Space Opera -- mixing
Gary Bowden -- cover art
Charles Varner -- cover art
Georganne Deen -- design

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CAN 1972 Columbia LP ES 90116 gatefold cover, insert
UK 1972 Epic LP EPC65557  
US 1973 Columbia LP KE 32117 gatefold cover


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