SP-4894 Time And Tide
Produced by Hugh Padgham and Split Enz
Released on April 1982
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SP-4894 cover
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N obody could not take them seriously after this. Time and Tide stands as something of a high-water mark in the Enzian world. It’s masterfully conceived, not as exuberant or tightly wound as the old Enz but mature, artful. Of course, Split Enz wasn’t the first new wave band to grow up; in fact, in the 1980s it was a rite of passage. Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, The Police, the helium had leaked out of all of them and been replaced (so it seemed sometimes) by hot air. Yet this often had the effect of elevating the discussion (maybe not so much in the case of Squeeze); Time and Tide is certainly elevated Enz. Crafted and fussed over enough to pass for a concept album in spots, the Enz’ sixth album was throughtfully conceived by the band and lavishly produced by Hugh Padgham. Together with True Colours, this is end-to-end one of the best modern pop albums I own: “Dirty Creature,” “Six Months in a Leaky Boat,” “Giant Heartbeat,” “Never Ceases to Amaze Me.” It’s a different chapter than the earlier, loopier albums, in many ways a prequel to Crowded House. And as much as I like it, Time and Tide is not an album you dive into unexpectedly like True Colours; you need to pack for the trip. When I’m in the mood for something deeper from Split Enz, this never fails to satisfy. My affections may lie with True Colours, but my brain knows Time and Tide is the better album.

SP-4894 back cover SP-4894 lyric sleeve
SP-4894 back cover SP-4894 lyric sleeve


  1. DIRTY CREATURE    (Tim Finn/Nigel Griggs/Neil Finn)    4:00
  2. GIANT HEARTBEAT    (Neil Finn/Nigel Griggs)    3:52
  3. HELLO SANDY ALLEN    (Neil Finn)    3:46
  4. NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME    (Tim Finn)    3:03
  5. LOST FOR WORDS    (Nigel Griggs/Tim Finn/Neil Finn)    2:56
  6. SMALL WORLD    (Tim Finn)    3:33
  7. TAKE A WALK    (Neil Finn)    3:33
  8. PIONEER    (Eddie Rayner)    1:33
  9. SIX MONTHS IN A LEAKY BOAT    (Tim Finn/Split Enz)    4:20
  10. HAUL AWAY    (Tim Finn)    2:26
  11. LOG CABIN FEVER    (Neil Finn)    4:34
  12. MAKE SENSE OF IT    (Split Enz)    3:30


NOEL CROMBIE -- drums, percussion, cover design, photos
NEIL FINN -- vocals, guitar
TIM FINN -- vocals, piano
EDDIE RAYNER -- keyboards, percussion
Hugh Padgham -- engineer, mixing
Split Enz -- mixing
Jeff Ayeroff -- art direction

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