SP-4848 Waiata / Corroboree
Produced by David Tickle
Released on March 1981
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SP-4848 cover
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W ith the success of True Colours, the labels (and perhaps the band as well) were anxious to get another record out quickly. Enter Waiata (Corroboree in Australia), an album that for all intents and purposes can be viewed as True Colour’s kid brother. If it didn’t have all the polish and passion of their last album, what did? The band being at the height of their powers, they toss off a number of great songs: “History Never Repeats,” “One Step Ahead” (a virtual rewrite of “I Got You”), “Iris” and “Ships.” Sticking to the successful model of their last effort, two instrumentals (both from Eddie Rayner) are included: “Wail” (apparently a denizen of “The Choral Sea”) and the stately “Albert of India” (which by coincidence sounds a lot like Vangelis’ theme for the Chariots of Fire movie). The knock on this album is that it sounds unfinished. “Walking Through The Ruins” and “Clumsy” might have blossomed if given more time to gestate. This was, after all, a six-piece band, but Waiata doesn’t sound like it’s firing on all cylinders. Maybe it’s that the album favors subdued and moody arrangements; rather than grabbing your attention with “Ships,” they almost let it slip in under the radar. Personally, there’s a place in my collection for a low-key Split Enz album, though it’ll never get the spins that True Colours and Time And Tide do.

SP-4848 back cover
SP-4848 back cover


  1. HARD ACT TO FOLLOW    (Tim Finn)    3:17
  2. ONE STEP AHEAD    (Neil Finn)    2:52
  3. I DON'T WANNA DANCE    (Tim Finn)    3:34
  4. IRIS    (Neil Finn)    2:50
  5. WAIL    (Eddy Rayner)    2:49
  6. CLUMSY    (Tim Finn)    3:29
  7. HISTORY NEVER REPEATS    (Neil Finn)    3:00
  8. WALKING THROUGH THE RUINS    (Tim Finn)    4:15
  9. SHIPS    (Neil Finn)    3:01
  10. GHOST GIRL    (Tim Finn)    4:26
  11. ALBERT OF INDIA    (Eddy Rayner)    4:03


NOEL CROMBIE -- percussion
NEIL FINN -- guitar, vocals
TIM FINN -- vocals
MAL GREEN -- drums
EDDY RAYNER -- keyboards, vocals
David Tickle -- engineer

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UK/NET March 1981 A&M LP/CS AMLH 64848  
US/CAN March 1981 A&M LP/CS SP-4848  
BRA 1981 A&M LP 170058  
US   A&M CD/CS 3255  
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