MCAD-5570 A Decade of Steely Dan
Compiled and remastered by Gary Katz
Released on August 1985
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MCAD-5570 cover

K ronomyth 10.0: BABYLON SHYSTERS (or ENOUGH ALREADY, YOU DECADES). I bought Greatest Hits 1972-1978 when it came out and was in my own little Heaven for 90 minutes or so. Then I bought Gold four years later and was in a kind of Limbo for the next 40 minutes as I tried to figure out why I’d just bought eight songs I already owned--and not even eight songs I was particularly crazy about. (I had less buyer’s remorse over the 1991 expanded edition of Gold, since it contained a whopping two tracks that I didn’t already own.) By the time A Decade of Steely Dan rolled around, I was determined not to spend any more money on Steely Dan compilations featuring identical versions of songs that I had already purchased via the original albums and the two apparently irresistible compilations that followed them. Call it my steely resolve, if you will. There is no reason for Decade to exist other than man’s unquenchable desire for money and the misguided belief that tracks digitally remastered from the original first generation masters would be worth re-obtaining (and if you believe that I hope you and your lambswool headphones are very happy together). As for the track selection itself, “Bodhisattva” (live or otherwise), “Babylon Sisters” and “East St. Louis Toodle-oo” have no place in a short discussion of the band’s best work. Even in the case of the accepted hits, most of us have heard these songs on the radio to the point of puking anyway. Personally, I think what the world needs is for Steely Dan to go away for fifteen years. Let everyone take a vacation from “Black Friday” and “Deacon Blues,” and then let us hear these songs again with new ears. That’s an experience I’d pay for.


  1. FM    4:50
  2. BLACK FRIDAY    3:33
  3. BABYLON SISTERS    5:51
  4. DEACON BLUES    7:26
  5. BODHISATTVA    5:16
  6. HEY NINETEEN    5:06
  7. DO IT AGAIN    5:56
  8. PEG    3:58
  10. REELING IN THE YEARS    4:35
  11. EAST ST. LOUIS TOODLE-OO    2:45
  12. KID CHARLEMAGNE    4:38
  13. MY OLD SCHOOL    4:46
  14. BAD SNEAKERS    3:16

    All songs written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker


Bob Ludwig and Roger Nichols -- remastering

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US August 1985 MCA CD MCAD-5570  
US 1995 MCA CD MCAD-11214 Ultimate Masterdisc 24K Gold Series
JPN 2002 MCA CD UICY-2564  


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