SP-3711 Cornerstone
Produced by Styx
Released on October 1979
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SP-3711 cover
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B ecause you can never hear “Babe” enough times. Or jam a Q-tip into your ear too deeply. That’s why I’m back to Cornerstone. The first time around, I called this “mostly average arena pop, no better or worse than the post-pinnacle music of Kansas and Boston.” And, yes, in case you’re wondering, post-pinnacle Boston would be everything after the first album. I think I just wanted to use the word “pinnacle” (other than in a discussion of really crappy baseball cards). Or get across the idea that Styx themselves were now living on borrowed time, in danger of playing to a shrinking sea of people who still carried a small Bic torch for “Babe” and “Lady” and wow that’s kind of eerily prophetic. The truth is that Styx is really a great band. Much better than Cornerstone would have you believe. It’s all downhill after “Lights” in my opinion. Both “Borrowed Time” and “Why Me” are second-tier singles, and “Boat on the River” is no more profound than Uriah Heep. (That’s right, I’m working in yet another gratuitous Uriah Heep reference.) In fact, the prog label doesn’t even stick to Styx anymore; Supertramp was more ambitious than this. Maybe the band was tired or bored, breaking up or breaking down. I don’t know. What I do know is that the albums before (Illusion, Pieces) and after (Paradise) are the real cornerstones of Styx. There are some people who will tell you this is a great album, but I can only assume they had the best sex of their lives or got high for the first time while this album was playing. And should you get your nose out of joint at the thought, remember it’s only Styx and ‘stone.

SP-3711 back gatefold cover SP-3711 picture sleeve
SP-3711 back gatefold cover SP-3711 picture sleeve


  1. LIGHTS    (Tommy Shaw/Dennis De Young)    4:37
  2. WHY ME    (Dennis De Young)    3:53
  3. BABE    (Dennis De Young)    4:26
  4. NEVER SAY NEVER    (Tommy Shaw)    3:07
  5. BOAT ON THE RIVER    (Tommy Shaw)    3:10
  6. BORROWED TIME    (Dennis De Young/Tommy Shaw)    4:58
  7. FIRST TIME    (Dennis De Young)    4:23
  8. EDDIE    (James Young)    4:15
  9. LOVE IN THE MIDNIGHT    (Tommy Shaw)    5:22


DENNIS DE YOUNG -- keyboards, vocals
CHUCK PANOZZO -- bass guitar, string bass, vocals
JOHN PANOZZO -- percussion, vocals
TOMMY SHAW -- electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, autoharp, vocals
JAMES (JY) YOUNG -- guitars, guitar synthesizer, autoharp, vocals
Steve Eisen -- sax solo (2)
Arnie Roth -- string arrangements
Ed Tossing -- horn arrangements
Gary Loizzo -- engineer
Rob Kingsland -- engineer
Mick Haggerty -- package design
Aaron Rapoport -- photography
Ros Cross -- styling
Hauser, D'Orio -- portrait photography

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US/CAN October 1979 A&M LP/CS/8T SP/CS/8T-3711 back gatefold cover
UK/NET November 1979 A&M LP AMLK63711 back gatefold cover
AUS'L/NZ   A&M LP L37090  
CAN   A&M LP SPJ-3711 half-speed master
JPN 1979 A&M LP AMP-6064  
MEX 1979 A&M LP SLAM-135  
YUG   RTB LP ST2220032  
US   Nautilus LP NR-27 half-speed master
US   A&M CD 3239  


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