25305-1 Little Creatures
Produced by Talking Heads
Released on June 1985
2x PLATINUM (8/4/94) . . . UK CHART POSITION #10
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25305-1 cover
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I nterest in Talking Heads now extended beyond the artistic fringes and college campuses, so the band obligingly made music that wouldn’t scare regular folks quite so much. Little Creatures is their friendliest record to date, upbeat and catchy, quirky rather than cataclysmic. The singles were supported by entertaining music videos: “And She Was” featured a tornado of pop culture references, “Road To Nowhere” poked fun at religious revivalists. The themes were also more familiar this time: e.g., babies (“Stay Up Late,” “Little Creatures”) and television (“Television Man”). There are still some dark moments that speak to disconnection, like “The Lady Don’t Mind” and “(Give Me Back My) Name,” but I’ll bet a lot of folks just skimmed right over them in pursuit of the sweet stuff. The band’s arrangements, once complex and daunting, now seemed hiccupy and silly, a point that might have been alarming if the band weren’t selling lots of records. In other words, the Heads hadn’t lost control of the car, they were just making up some lost time by taking the highway. It’s interesting to look back on the role that MTV played in drawing certain alternative artists (Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads) from the margins to the mainstream. No doubt the Heads relished the chance to visually communicate their ideas, shifting some of their energies from audio to visual and resulting in music that seemed drained of its earlier intensity. This and David Byrne’s growing interest in “average” people (which would reach its peak on True Stories) render Little Creatures tame by their usual standards. It’s a good record but not a groundbreaking one, recommended for folks who liked what they heard from the Heads on the radio.

25305-1 back cover 25305-1 lyric sleeve
25305-1 back cover 25305-1 lyric sleeve


  1. AND SHE WAS    3:36
  2. GIVE ME BACK MY NAME    3:20
  3. CREATURES OF LOVE    4:12
  4. THE LADY DON'T MIND    (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Jerry Harrison/Tina Weymouth)    4:03
  5. PERFECT WORLD    (David Byrne/Chris Frantz, arr. by Talking Heads)    4:26
  6. STAY UP LATE    3:51
  7. WALK IT DOWN    4:42
  8. TELEVISION MAN    6:10
  9. ROAD TO NOWHERE    4:19
  10. (CD/CS bonus track:) THE LADY DON'T MIND (EXTENDED MIX)

    All songs by David Byrne unless noted, arranged by Talking Heads


DAVID BYRNE -- guitar & vocal
JERRY HARRISON -- keyboards, guitar & background vocals
TINA WEYMOUTH -- bass & background vocals
Ellen Bernfeld -- backing vocals
Andrew Cader --
Erin Dickens -- backing vocals
Diva Gray -- backing vocals
Gordon Grody -- backing vocals
Lani Groves -- backing vocals
Jimmy Macdonell --
Lenny Pickett --
Steve Scales --
Nana Vasconcelos --
Eric Weissberg --
Kurt Yahijian -- backing vocals
Eric E.T. Thorngren -- engineer, mixing
Rev. Howard Finster -- cover painting

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US June 1985 Sire LP/CD/CS 25305 lyric sleeve
UK June 1985 Sire LP/CD/CS TAH2/TAHC2 lyric sleeve
ARG   EMI LP 8319  
AUS'L 1985 EMI LP EMC 240352  
BRA   EMI LP 064 240352  
CAN 1985 Sire LP/CS 92 53051/4  
YUG   Jugoton LP LSEMI11122  
EUR/AUS'L   EMI CD 746158  
UK 1993 Fame CD CDFA 3301  
TAI 2003 EMI 2CD 582370 repackaged w. TRUE STORIES


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