20620 Love For Sale (Special New Version)
Produced by Talking Heads
Released on November 1986
(no chart information)
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20620 cover  

"Love For Sale" was released as a single in its “special new version” (which isn’t all that special as it hardly differs from the original) and paired with the movie version of “Hey Now” as performed by the St. Thomas Aquinas School Choir. If you bought the 7-inch, you got robbed. The 12-inch, however, is a different story. On the “love dub” and especially the “extended version,” the Heads’ rhythm section of Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth (along with Glenn Rosenstein) serve up playful remixes of the original (Frantz also seems to have embellished his rhythm with a couple of extra kicks). On these takes, “Love For Sale” never sounded so good. The 12-inch is worth a flyer for the curious, although be forewarned that the movie version of “Hey Now” is pretty annoying. Note that the US promotional 12-inch (PRO-A-2638) actually features the album version of "Love For Sale."

20620 back cover
20620 back cover


    Seven-inch single...
  1. LOVE FOR SALE (SPECIAL NEW VERSION)    (David Byrne)    3:58
  2. HEY NOW (KIDS MIX)    (David Byrne)    4:38

    Twelve-inch single...
  3. LOVE FOR SALE (EXTENDED VERSION)    (David Byrne)    6:45
  4. LOVE FOR SALE (LOVE DUB)    (David Byrne)    3:00
  5. LOVE FOR SALE (SPECIAL NEW VERSION)    (David Byrne)    3:58
  6. HEY NOW (KIDS MIX)    (David Byrne)    4:38

    Twelve-inch promo release...
  7. LOVE FOR SALE    (David Byrne)    4:30


CHRIS FRANTZ -- remixing
TINA WEYMOUTH -- remixing
St. Thomas Aquinas School Choir -- choir
Glenn Rosenstein -- remixing
Eric "E.T." Thorngren -- mixing
Joyce Rudolph and Mark Lipson -- photographs
Michael Hodgson -- sleeve design

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US November 1986 Sire 7" 28497 picture sleeve
CAN November? 1986 Sire 7" 92 84977  
US 1986 Sire 12PRO PRO-A-2638 promo release w. A on both sides
US 1986 Sire 12 20620 see 12" track listing
CAN 1986 Sire 12 92 06200 see 12" track listing



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