VI 2025 Rubycon
Produced by Tangerine Dream
Released on March 1975
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VI 2025 cover  

R ubycon incorporates sequencer-driven patterns into the band’s spacy electronic sound, a technique that would be refined on subsequent Tangerine Dream albums throughout the ‘70s. The album is divided into two parts -- the first time the band sought to create a continuous electronic work across an entire record -- both of which explore eerie, alien sounds in an increasingly electronic language. Despite some moments of genuine beauty, especially in the opening minutes of Part One (which staves off the sequencer for quite a while), Rubycon proves a less cohesive whole than the sum of Phaedra’s parts. The focus here is on creating “space” music, at times borrowing from the score of 2001: A Space Oddysey in the band’s attempt to broaden the lexicon of electronic music. The use of open space arguably makes the music more accessible, but also more vulnerable under close inspection. There are isolated moments of warmth, such as the flute-like sounds that appear at the closing of Part Two, but for the most part Rubycon is a cold, remote record. There are those who rate Rubycon among TD’s best -- a temptation given the band’s creative energies at this point in their career -- but this sort of “space” music is superseded by Stratosfear.

VI 2025 inner gatefold VI 2025 back cover
VI 2025 inner gatefold VI 2025 back cover


  1. RUBYCON - PART ONE    17:18
  2. RUBYCON - PART TWO    17:35

    Composed by Peter Baumann/Chris Franke/Edgar Froese


PETER BAUMANN -- organ, synthi A, e-piano, prepared piano, voice, ARP 2600
CHRIS FRANKE -- double moog synthesizer, synthi A, organ, modified elka organ, prepared piano, gong
EDGAR FROESE -- mellotron, guitar, VCS 3, synthi, organ, gong
Roland Paulick -- technical assistant
Mick Glossop -- engineer
Monique Froese -- cover photographs

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GER 1975 Ariola LP 88754 gatefold cover
UK March 1975 Virgin LP/CS V2025 gatefold cover, green label
US March 1975 Virgin LP/CS VR13-116 two girls label
FRA   Virgin LP 2933 716 gatefold cover
US March 1984 Virgin Int'l LP/CS VI/VIC 2025 gatefold cover, beige label
UK   Virgin LP OVED 27 gatefold cover
UK July 1987 Virgin CD SACDV 2025 super audio
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