TDI 1008CD 'Tournado'
Produced by Edgar Froese
Released on September 1997
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TDI 1008CD cover  

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TDI 1008CD gatefold sleeve TDI 1008CD back sleeve
TDI 1008CD gatefold sleeve TDI 1008CD back sleeve


  1. FLASHFLOOD    (Jerome Froese/Edgar Froese)
  2. 220 VOLT (BIG VOLT VERSION)    (Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese)
  3. FIRETONGUES    (Jerome Froese/Edgar Froese)
  4. GIRLS ON BROADWAY    (Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese)
  5. LITTLE BLOND IN THE PARK OF ATTRACTIONS    (Jerome Froese/Edgar Froese)
  6. RISING HAUL IN SILENCE    (Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese)
  7. LAMB WITH RADAR EYES (LOST LAMB VERSION)    (Jerome Froese/Edgar Froese)
  8. TOUCHWOOD    (Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese)
  9. TOWARDS THE EVENING STAR    (Jerome Froese/Edgar Froese)


EDGAR FROESE -- keyboards & electronic instruments, front cover
JEROME FROESE -- keyboards & electronic instruments
EMIL HATCHFIELD -- percussion & Codotronics
ZLATKO "Z-MAN" PERICA -- electric & acoustic guitar
Dave Dixon -- recording engineer and FOH mix
Monika Froese and Jim Rakete -- sleeve booklet photography

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WW September 1997 Tangerine Dream Int'l CD TDI 1008CD picture sleeve
WW November 24, 1998 Tangerine Dream Int'l CD 63011 digital remaster
UK December 14, 1998 Blueprint CD 4174  

The Last Word

"(Jerome) is a very good drummer because he started out as a drummer, not as a synthesizer player or a keyboard player. And the drumming work is... one of his best influential aspects. He is a little master of simplicity. When his father tries to make an opera he just wants to make a little song. And so very often we meet in the middle. So my view of doing things--very orchestrated, very bright, the way I learned it--meets his simplicity." -- Edgar Froese (Source: Soundscapes interview, 11/16/97.)


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