MJR045 Riot
Produced by Tohpati
Released on 2011
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MJR045 cover
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K ronomyth 5.0: YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIOT, TOHPATI. Riot is high-octane rock guitar riffage mixed with a few islands of fusion and recorded live in the studio as a trio of guitar, bass and drums. Billed as Tohpati Bertiga--a basic translation would be Tohpati Trio (and Riot of course would be an anagram of Trio)--this session is a more aggressive, Western-sounding outing than the Indonesian fusion of Save The Planet. No atmospherics or Indonesian percussion this time, just that bottomless bag of guitar licks and tricks augmented by a propulsive rhythm section. One of the things I really enjoyed about Save The Planet was that it didn’t sound like the hundreds of other electric guitar riffests you’ll encounter if you wade for any distance in the rock/prog/fusion world. Riot, I’m sorry to say, does sound like them. An instrumental album of lean, muscular, molten prog/metal/fusion music recorded live in the studio with an expectation of improvisation is more a rite of passage for instrumental prog/fusion bands than a rarity. Tohpati does it better than most, and maybe that’s the whole point of Riot: to beat those rock guitarists at their own game. But I like this record best when it returns to the rich fusion of Planet: “Middle East,” “Pay Attention,” “Lost In Space.” The Dalek squawk of “Disco Robot” and the rock/jazz fusion of “Absurd” also earn honorable mentions. The rest of the record leans decidedly toward the McLaughlin side of aggro-metal jazz or whatever you call it when jazz guitarists decide to turn their amps up to eleven and play heavy metal. Maybe I just don’t like the trio setting, since the songs seemed more fully clothed as a quintet. It’s funny that, in my own internal rating system, I gave Save The Planet five stars and Riot only three stars. Turns out there might be something to this star-rating stuff after all.


  1. UPLOAD    7:58
  2. I FEEL GREAT    6:41
  3. RIOT    5:34
  4. MIDDLE EAST    5:24
  5. PAY ATTENTION    7:13
  6. ROCK CAMP    4:43
  7. ABSURD    5:37
  8. DISCO ROBOT    4:11
  9. LOST IN SPACE    7:22
  10. BERTIGA    5:34

    All compositions by Tohpati


TOHPATI -- guitar
Aryo, Temmy, Lulud, Bayu -- recording engineers
Eko Sulistuyo -- mixing
Bebek and Ifter -- photos
Melda -- front cover
Leonardo Pavkovic -- USA release layout

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US 2012 Moonjune CD MJR045  


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