Todd Rundgren (guitars, vocals) forms Utopia with Kevin Ellman (drums), John Siegler

       (bass) and three keyboard players: Mark “Moogy” Klingman, M. Frog Labat and Ralph



1974.10       TODD RUNDGREN’S UTOPIA                             US.34

              Produed by Todd Rundgren

              1.Utopia Theme  2.Freak Parade  3.Freedom Fighters  4.The Ikon


(orig lp)     US/CAN Bearsville BR-6954, UK Bearsville K-55501, JPN Warner Bros. P-8521-W


(reiss lp)    August 24 1988: US Rhino RNLP-70865

(reiss cs)    August 24 1988: US Rhino RNC-70865

(reiss cd)    August 24 1988: US Rhino RNCD-70865, 1998: JPN Bearsville VICP-60271, UK Essential



     John “Willie” Wilcox (drums) replaces Ellman, Roger Powell (synthesizers) replaces Labat.


1975.10       ANOTHER LIVE                                       US.66

              Produced by Todd Rundgren

              A1.Another Life  A2.The Wheel  A3.The Seven Rays  B1.Intro/Mister Triscuits 

              B2.Something’s Coming  B3.Heavy Metal Kids  B4.Do Ya  B5.Just One Victory


(orig lp)     US Bearsville BR-6961 [lyrins], UK/NET Bearsville K-55508 [lyrins], JPN Warner

              P-11083-W [lyrins/promo]

(reiss cd)    US Rhino 70867, UK Essential ESMCD-756, 1998: JPN Bearsville VICP-60272


     Now the classic quartet when Kasim Sulton (bass, vocals) joins and Klingman, Siegler and

       Shuckett depart.


1977.02       RA                                       UK.27     US.79

              Produced by Todd Rundgren

              1.Overture  2.Communion with the Sun  3.Magic Dragon Theatre  4.Jealousy 

              5.Eternal Love  6.Sunburst Finish  7.Hiroshima  8.Singring and the Glass Guitar


(orig lp)     US/CAN Bearsville BR-6965, UK Bearsville K-55514 [insert], GER/NET Bearsville


(reiss lp)    US Rhino RNLP-70869

(reiss cd)    US Rhino 70869, UK Essential ESMCD-757


1977.02       A1.COMMUNION WITH THE SUN  B1.Sunburst Finish

              7:” UK Bearsville K-15531

              B1.Communion with the Sun (Mono)

              7PRO: US Bearsville BSS-0317


1977.09       OOPS! WRONG PLANET                       UK.59     US.73

              Produced by Todd Rundgren

              A1.Trapped  A2.Windows  A3.Love in Action  A4.Crazy Lady Blue  A5.Back on the

              Street  A6.The Marriage of Heaven and Hell  B1.The Martyr  B2.Abandon City 

              B3.Gangrene  B4.My Angel  B5.Rape of the Young  B6.Love is the Answer


(orig lp)     US/CAN Bearsville BR-6970, UK Bearsville K-55517, JPN Bearsvile P-10404W


(reiss lp)    US Rhino RNLP-70870

(reiss cs)    US Rhino 70870

(reiss cd)    US Rhino 70870, 1995: US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-637, 1995: JPN Beasrville PCCY-

              00838, UK Essential ESMCD-758

(boxed)       w. ADVENTURES IN UTOPIA

              1988: UK Castle TFOLP-9 [gf/2LP]


1977.10       A1.LOVE IS THE ANSWER

              B1.The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

              7”: UK Bearsville K-15536

              B1.Love is the Answer (Mono)

              7PRO: US Bearsville 0321


1980.01       ADVENTURES IN UTOPIA                     UK.32     US.57

              Produced by Utopia

              A1.The Road to Utopia  A2.You Make Me Crazy  A3.Second Nature  A4.Set Me Free 

              A5.Caravan  B1.Last of the New Wave Riders  B2.Shot in the Dark  B3.The Very Last

              Time  B4.Love Alone  B5.Rock Love


(orig lp)     US/CAN Bearsville BRK-6991 [gf/ps], UK Island ILPS-9602 [gf/ps], AUS’L Bearsville

              L-37154 [gf/ps/red vinyl], GER Bearsville 201.254, JPN Bearsville 25AP-1755


(orig cs)     US Bearsville M5-6991

(reiss cd)    US Rhino RNCD-70872, 1995: JPN Bearsville PCCY-00839 [promo], 1998: JPN Bearsville

              VICP-60275, June 20, 2000: UK Essential ESMCD-761

(boxed)       w. OOPS! WRONG PLANET

              1988: UK Castle TFOLP-9 [gf/2LP]


1980.02       A1.SET ME FREE  B1.Umbrella Man                    US.27 [2.23.80-12w]

              7”: US/CAN Bearsville BSS-49180, UK Bearsville WIP-6581

              B1.Set Me Free (Mono)

              7PRO: US BSS-49180-PR

              B1.The Road to Utopia

              7: NET 1980 Bearsville 101.690


1980.05       A1.THE VERY LAST TIME  B1.Love Alone               US.76 [6.7.80-3w]

              7”: US Bearsville 49247


1980.09       DEFACE THE MUSIC                                   US.65

              1.I Just Want to Touch You  2.Crystal Ball  3.Where Does the World Go to Hide 

              4.Silly Boy  5.Alone  6.That’s Not Right  7.Take It Home  8.Hoi Polloi  9.Life

              Goes On  10.Feel Too Good  11.Always Late  12.All Smiles  13.Everybody Else Is



(orig lp)     US/CAN Bearsville BRK-3487, UK Island ILPS-9642, FRA Bearsville/Carrere 67593, GER

              Bearsville 202.994, JPN Bearsville 25AP-1962 [lyrins]

(reiss lp)    US Rhino RNLP-70873

(reiss cd)    1998: JPN Bearsville VICP-60276, 2000: UK Essential ESMCD-760


1980.10       A1.SECOND NATURE  B1.You Make Me Crazy

              7:” US Bearsville BSS-49545

              B1.Second Nature (Mono)

              7PRO: US Bearsville BSS-49545PR


1980.11       A1.I JUST WANNA TOUCH YOU  A2.Silly Boy  B1.Life Goes On  B2.All Smiles

              7EP: UK Island IEP-12

              B1.Always Late

              7”: US Bearsville

              B1.I Just Wanna Touch You (Mono)

              7PRO: US Bearsville BSS-49579

              2.That’s Not Right  3.Take It Home  4.Feel Too Good  5.Everybody Else is Wrong

              12PRO: US Bearville 908


1982.03       SWING TO THE RIGHT                                 US.102

              Produced by Todd Rundgren and Utopia

              1.Swing to the Right  2.Lysistrata  3.The Up  4.Junk Rock (Million Monkeys) 

              5.Shinola  6.For the Love of Money  7.Last Dollar on Earth  8.Farenheit 451 

              9.Only Human  10.One World


(orig lp)     US Bearsville BRK-3666, UK Avatar AALP/BRK-3666, NET Bearsville 204.523

(reiss lp)    US Rhino RNLP-70875

(reiss cd)    US Rhino 70875, 1995: JPN Bearsville PCCY-00841, UK Essential ESMCD-759, 1998: JPN

              Bearsville VICP-60277


1982.04       A1.ONE WORLD  B1.Special Interest

              7”: US Bearsville BSS-50062

              B1.Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)

              7”: UK Avatar AAAB-126

              B1.One World (Mono)

              7PRO: US Bearsville BSS-50062


1982.06       A1.LYSISTRATA  B1.Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)

              7”: US Bearsville


1982.09       UTOPIA                                             US.84

              1.Libertine  2.Bad Little Actress  3.Feet Don’t Fail Me Now  4.Neck On Up  5.Say

              Yeah  6.Call It What You Will  7.I’m Looking at You But I’m Talking to Myself 

              8.Hammer in My Heart  9.Burn Three Times  10.There Goes My Inspiration


(orig lp+ep)  Bonus EP incl. 11.Princess of the Universe  12.Infrared and Ultraviolet 

              13.Forgotten But Not Gone  14.Private Heaven  15.Chapter and Verse

              US Network 9 60183 [ps], JPN CBS 25AP-2472 [lyrins]

(reiss cdx)   incl. EP tracks + 16.Hammer In My Heart (Dance Mix)

              CAN ?


1982.09       A1.HAMMER IN MY HEART  B1.Hammer in My Heart (Mono)

              7PRO: US Network 68930


1982.11       A1.FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW                          US.82

              B1.There Goes My Neighborhood

              7”: US Network 69859

              B1.Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Mono)

              7PRO: US Network 7-68959


1984.01       OBLIVION                                           US.74

              Produced by Todd Rundgren and Utopia

              1.Itch In My Brain  2.Love with a Thinker  3.Bring Me My Longbow  4.If I Didn’t

              Try  5.Too Much Water  6.Maybe I Could Change  7.Crybaby  8.Welcome to My

              Revolution  9.Winston Smiths Takes It on the Jaw  10.I Will Wait


(orig lp)     US/CAN Passport PB-6029, UK/GER WEA 250.685, JPN WEA P-11487 [lyrins]

(orig cs)     US Passport PBC-6029

(orig cd)     US Passport PBCD-6029

(reiss cd)    1997: Unidisc 2050

(reiss 2-cd)  w. P.O.V. + Man of Action + Monument as OBLIVION, P.O.V. & SOME TRIVIA

              April 9 1996: US Rhino 72287


1984.05       A1.CRYBABY  B1.Winston Smith Takes It on the Jaw

              7”: US Passport PS-7923, UK WEA 8520 [ps]

              2.?  3.?

              12PRO: US Passport PB-4004-DJ


1984.07       A1.LOVE WITH A THINKER  B1.Welcome to My Revolution

              7”: UK WEA


1985.01       P.O.V.                                             US.161

              A1.Play This Game  A2.Style  A3.Stand for Something  A4.Secret Society  A5.Zen

              Machine  B1.Mated  B2.Wildlife  B3.Mimi Gets Mad  B4.Mystified  B5.More Light


(orig lp)     US Passport PB-6044 [lyrics], UK Food for Thought GRUB-5, NET Roadrunner RR-9768

(orig cs)     US Passport PBC-6044


1895.06       A1.MATED  B1.Man of Action

              7”: UK Food for Thought YUM-107 [ps], NET Roadrunner RR-5512


1986          TRIVIA

              A1.Fix Your Gaze  A2.Hammer in My Heart  A3.Feet Don’t Fail Me Now  A4.Bad Little

              Actress  A5.Princess of the Universe  A6.Too Much Water  B1.Crybaby  B2.Style 

              B3.Mated  B4.Play This Game  B5.Monument


(orig lp)     US Passport PB-6053

(orig cs)     US Passport PBC-6053



              1.Where Does the World Go to Hide  2.Freedom Fighters  3.All Smiles  4.Lysistrata 

              5.Always Late  6.Love in Action  7.Rock Love  8.Set Me Free  9.The Seven Rays 

              10.Trapped  11.Swing to the Right  12.One World  13.Heavy Metal Kids  14.The Very

              Last Time  15.Crazy Lady Blue  16.Feel Too Good  17.Love Alone  18.Love is the



(orig 2-lp)   UK Castle CCSLP-181

(orig 2-cs)   UK Castle CCSMC-181


1989.05.30    ANTHOLOGY 1974 – 1985

              1.Crybaby  2.The Very Last Time  3.Mated  4.Set Me Free  5.Love in Action  6.Love

              is the Answer  7.Lysistrata  8.Play This Game  9.Feet Don’t Fail Me Now  10.I Just

              Want to Touch You  11.The Wheel  12.One World


(orig lp)     US Rhino R1-70892 [ps]

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 13.You Make Me Crazy  14.Trapped  15.Overture/Mountaintop and

              Sunrise/Communion with the Sun  16.Freedom Fighters

              US Rhino R2-70892

(reiss cdx)   June 20 2000: UK Essential ESMCD-732 [digrem]


1993          REDUX ’92: LIVE IN JAPAN

              1.Fix Your Gaze  2.Zen Machine  3.Trapped  4.Princess of the Universe  5.Abandon

              City  6.Hammer in My Heart  7.Swing to the Right  8.The Ikon  9.Hiroshima  10.Back

              on the Street  11.Only Human  12.Love in Action  13.Caravan  14.Last of the New

              Wave Riders  15.One World  16.Love is the Answer


(orig cd)     US Rhino R2-71185


1999          CITY IN MY HEAD

              1.Freak Parade  2.Freedom Fighters  3.The Wheel  4.The Seven Rays  5.Mountaintop

              and Sunrise/Communion with the Sun  6.Magic Dragon Theatre  7.Eternal Love 

              8.Trapped  9.Love in Action  10.My Angel  11.Love is the Answer  12.Second Nature 

              13.Set Me Free  14.Caravan  15.Love Alone  16.I Just Want to Touch You  17.Alone 

              18.Life Goes On  19.Feel Too Good  20.Everybody Else Is Wrong  21.Swing to the

              Right  22.Fahrenheit 451  23.Only Human  24.One World  25.Utopia Theme


(orig 2-cd)   label unknown




(orig cd)     JPN Crown




(orig cd)     JPN Crown


2001.10.24    OBLIVION TOUR


(orig cd)     JPN Crown


2002.07.10    BOOTLEG SERIES VOL. 2: KSAN 95FM LIVE ‘79

              1.Trapped  2.Abandon City  3.Love of the Common Man  4.Last Ride  5.Shot in the

              Dark  6.The Seven Rays  7.Can We Still Be Friends  8.Gangrene  9.The Wheel 

              10.Love Alone  11.Last of the New Wave Riders  12.The Death of Rock N Roll 

              13.Just One Victory


(orig cd)     UK Sanctuary CMRCD-587




(orig 7-cd)   US Sanctuary 84651 [boxed]