CAM 493206-2 La Fete Sauvage
Produced by Télé Hatchette
Released on 1976
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CAM 493206-2 cover
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K RONOMYTH 5.0: ANOTHER SAUVAGE-ABLE SOUNDTRACK. Like L’Apocalypse before it, La Fete Sauvage is the soundtrack to a nature film by director Frederic Rossif. I don’t own the first, since there’s a limit to how many pricey import soundtracks I need in my collection, but I don’t regret shelling out fifteen bucks for Fete. Although the score is credited as one solid mass, it’s actually a series of musical scenes with authentic African instrumentation on the first half (some of it untouched by Vangelis) and the composer’s more familiar synthesizer melodies on the second. Among Vangelis albums, the mixture of electronics and African percussion explored here is rare (apparently, he explored the same ideas with Animaux) and worth hearing at least once. The opening theme on the second side, which does recall “The Impossible Dream,” is typical of Vangelis’ portable, commercial works from this period (“So Long Ago, So Clear,” “To The Unknown Man”) and deserves to be anthologized more often. Although it’s not an important work in relation to the composer’s musical development, La Fete Sauvage is a fine supplement to any classic-period collection of his work, an assessment that probably applies to L’Apocalypse and Ignacio (Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?) as well. This score has been reissued several times in various regions (France, Germany, Italy, Japan), with several cover artwork variations. The Italian pressing I own (CAM 493206-2) is adequate, but the work warrants a decent digital remaster one of these days. There’s also a review of this at All Music Guide, in which I work in the word “melange” to the delight of Francophiles everywhere.


  1. LA FETE SAUVAGE    18:12
  2. LA FETE SAUVAGE    20:19

    Music by Vangelis


Keith Allen -- sound engineer
Danilo Rossi -- digital editing 2002

FRA/CAN 1976 Pathe LP 2C 066-14276  
FRA 1978 CAM LP 900056 unique cover, picture sleeve
GER 1978 RCA Victor LP PL 30036  
JPN 1979 Egg LP GP-711 unique cover
FRA 1982 Barclay LP BA-253/200.332 picture sleeve
GER   Polydor CD 823 756  
RUS     CD JPCD-01272 repackaged w. SPIRAL
ITA 2002 CAM Original Soundtracks CD CAM 493206-2  


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