FC 37616 Weather Report
Produced by Zawinul
Assistant producers: Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter
Released on 1982
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FC 37616 cover
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A nother in my continuing I-donít-know-squat-about-jazz series. But I ďgetĒ this album more than some of their other work (or think I do) because the fractured arrangements let me digest the songs in little pieces. I can isolate the bass, drums, keyboards and sax in my head, hear the effect they have pitted against one another, and see the whole thing as finely meshed gears in a big machine. Or maybe itís just that Iíve never understood horns, and you donít have to understand them to enjoy this album. Not that I prefer this album to their earlier work; itís just less intimidating because I can follow the conglomerated grooves of ďVolcano For Hire,Ē ďWhen It Was NowĒ and Dara Factors One and Two. Bearing no title (and not to be confused with their first eponymous elpee), this album was the last to feature Jaco. As such, it marks the end of an era, though his role in these songs isnít as keenly felt as other outings. Instead, the album is Zawinulís, tightly composed and seeming to allow for little latitude from the other players. (Just my impression, carrying all the weight that my opening sentence confers.) Having grown fat on previous feasts, the entries from this Weather Report are only appetizing for an instant to me. Itís interesting, not arresting (as was the case on albums past), with nothing that critics have sought to crown as a career-defining achievement. Iíve listened to this album dozens of times, largely because it was the first Weather Report album I ever owned. It didnít kindle a love affair with the band, though I did find the modern rock elements intriguing. Drummer Peter Erskine in particular is a force (especially if you like Chad Wackerman). I havenít seen a negative review of this album or any Weather Report album for that matter, such is the intimidation factor of the PSZ axis. But the startling range of past albums is missed, replaced with a by-the-numbers mathematical quirkiness that produces some eye-opening moments but nothing of lasting beauty.

FC 37616 back cover FC 37616 inner sleeve
FC 37616 back cover FC 37616 inner sleeve


  1. VOLCANO FOR HIRE    (Zawinul)    5:24
  2. CURRENT AFFAIRS    (Zawinul)    5:52
  3. N.Y.C.    (Zawinul)    10:08
      Part One: 41st Parallel
      Part Two: The Dance
      Part Three: Crazy About Jazz
  4. DARA FACTOR ONE    (Zawinul)    5:24
  5. WHEN IT WAS NOW    (Wayne Shorter)    4:45
  6. SPEECHLESS    (Zawinul)    5:56
  7. DARA FACTOR TWO    (Zawinul/Wayne Shorter/Jaco Pastorius/Peter Erskine/Robert Thomas, Jr.)    4:27


ZAWINUL -- electric keyboards, percussion, mixing, cover concept
WAYNE SHORTER -- tenor and sporano saxophones, cover concept
JACO PASTORIUS -- bass guitar, percussion, voice, mixing
PETER ERSKINE -- drums, drum computer, claves
ROBER THOMAS, JR. -- hand drums, tambourines
Brian Risner -- engineer, mixing
Richie Powell, Joseph Futterer -- art direction
Starwind Design Group -- cover concept, art direction, photography
Chris Dellorco, Todd Waite, Dick Bernot -- lettering
Don Dixon/Creative Associates -- sky
Michael Olsen -- back cover concept

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US 1982 ARC Columbia LP FC 37616 picture sleeve
US 1982 ARC Columbia LP HC 47616 half-speed master
UK 1982 CBS LP 85326 picture sleeve
BRA 1982 CBS LP 138527  
CAN 1982 Columbia LP BL 37616  
NZ 1982 CBS LP SBP 237679  
US 1991 Columbia CD/CS CK/CT-37616 digital remaster


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