MCA-1496 Who's Greatest Hits
previously released material
Released on May 1983
US CHART POSITION #94 . . . 2x PLATINUM (2/8/93)
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MCA-1496 cover  

Y ou’ve got to hand it to most Who compilations, they’re not stingy. Greatest Hits crams thirteen classic tracks onto two sides of plastic, taking the listener in loosely chronological order from the early days (“My Generation”) up to the band’s last album with Keith Moon, “Who Are You.” Obviously it doesn’t satisfy all but the most basic need for some sort of career retrospective, but there was a market for that in the wake of The Who’s dissolution. Among the single elpee/disc selections, Meaty Beaty does it best. The latter-day My Generation - The Very Best of The Who, despite nearly 30 minutes of additional music, isn’t a demonstrably better product than Greatest Hits. The choices here will be familiar to radio listeners, adding a few cuts that could be considered second-tier material like “My Wife” and “The Relay.” The sound quality is excellent, the packaging (on the 1988 reissue anyway) minimal, the pleasure that comes from hearing timeless tracks like “Love Reign O’er Me” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” substantial. The CD reissue may be more attractive to modern-day listeners, but Greatest Hits in any form is no more than a gateway purchase, best appreciated by those for whom The Who represent a passing fancy. If you’re really looking to start a Who collection, better to begin with Who’s Next followed by Meaty Beaty.

MCA-1496 back cover
MCA-1496 back cover


  1. SUBSTITUTE    3:45
  2. THE SEEKER    3:09
  3. MAGIC BUS    3:20
  4. MY GENERATION    3:15
  5. PINBALL WIZARD    3:00
  6. HAPPY JACK    2:08
  8. MY WIFE    (John Entwistle)    3:32
  9. SQUEEZE BOX    2:40
  10. THE RELAY    3:40
  11. 5:15    4:48
  12. LOVE REIGN O'ER ME    3:04
  13. WHO ARE YOU    5:00

    All songs written by Pete Townshend unless noted


Mike Shaw -- compiler
Graham Hughes -- photography and conception
Lisa Hughes -- montage

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US May 1983 MCA LP/CS MCA-5408 picture sleeve
US April 25, 1988 MCA LP/CD/CS MCA/MCAD/MCAC-1496  


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