520 527-2 A Rock'n'Roll Christmas II
Compilation produced by Wayne Olsen
Released on October 6, 1998
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T his is a random sampler of rock & roll chestnuts from the last forty years, ranging from Paul & Paula’s “Holiday For Teens” to Local H’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” I’m kind of soft on Christmas songs, so I got a kick out of most of these, but you won’t have any problem kicking this to the curb in favor of your own rock & roll holiday mixtape. The only reason I even came knocking on Santa’s door in April was a desire to hear Dave Edmunds’ version of “Run Rudolph Run,” and I wasn’t disappointed. For my troubles, I also got to hear the eternally constipated Bryan Adams pinch a fruitloaf with “Christmas Time,” Chris DeBurgh travel back in time for “A Spaceman Came Traveling” (shoulda called it “Fat Guy In Red”), and Stevie Wonder save the world with “Someday At Christmas.” The songs from Squeeze, Beach Boys and Bob & Doug McKenzie are old tuque at this point. It’s not clear if any rhyme or reason was employed when choosing these tracks; likely it came down to whatever PolyGram had a license to use. An eye toward original songs is one obvious goal; only “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is a cover tune, and Local H’s two-man pop/metal take-off is original in every other sense. Arguably the most obscure entry is “The Winter Song” from Angel, which is mistakenly credited as the classic Mel Torme song, “Christmas Song.” (You know a song is obscure when the people who pick it don’t even know about it.)


  1. Bryan Adams: CHRISTMAS TIME    (Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)    4:06
  2. Dave Edmunds: RUN RUDOLPH RUN    (John Marks/Marvin Brodie)    3:46
  3. Beach Boys: LITTLE SAINT NICK    (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)    1:49
  4. Squeeze: CHRISTMAS DAY    (Chris Difford/Glenn Tilbrook)    3:52
  5. Angel: THE WINTER SONG    (Frank DiMino/Gregg Giuffria/Punky Meadows)    4:02
  6. Stevie Wonder: SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS    (Bryan Wells/Ronald Miller)    2:48
  7. Paul and Paula: HOLIDAY FOR TEENS    (Jerry Kennedy/Margie Singleton)    1:49
  8. Chris DeBurgh: A SPACEMAN CAME TRAVELING    (Chris DeBurgh)    5:10
  9. Bob & Doug McKenzie: TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS    (trad. arr. by Kerry Crawford/Jonathan Goldsmith/Marc Gaicomelli/Rick Moranis/Dave Thomas)    4:42
  10. Local H: HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS    (trad. arr. by Local H)    2:33


Janice Soled -- project corrdination
Pamela Hobbs -- cover illustration

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US October 6, 1998 PolyGram CD 520 527-2  


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