78084-2 House of Yes Live From House of Blues
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Released on September 12, 2000
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N ot a house, but a home. Yes is in their homeworld here, elevated by the faithful, charging through the old battles long burned into the collective memory and relating the recent episodes of The Ladder with equal aplomb. To point out that this live double-disc set is intended mostly for fans seems foolish. Would a relative greenhorn appreciate a 17-minute version of “Awaken” on as many levels as a road-worn veteran? Probably not. Nor will newcomers notice the subtle nuances that make this version of “Perpetual Change” unique. However, no amount of prior knowledge is needed to the enjoy spot-on renditions of their most recent work, or to swim in the sublime waters of “And You And I.” The mix isn’t always ideal, and some amount of tinkering appears to take place after “Yours Is No Disgrace,” so the slight discomfort that comes from re-acclimating your memory to the present moment is long forgotten before “Roundabout” rolls around. Picking highlights from here is bound to be a matter of personal taste. I think that the combination of “Cinema” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart” is one of them, but others may harbor old prejudices. The only missteps (to my mind) occur during lounge-y teasers for “Time And A Word” and “Ritual - Nous Sommes Du Soleil” that feature only Jon Anderson and Igor Koroshev. Try as I may, I can’t shake the image of Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer from my head as I hear these, as if any moment Jon might launch into the “Star Wars” medley. A tiny misstep, really, for the rest of the evening the fans are reminded time and again that they are in the company of giants. Steve Howe and Jon Anderson in particular remain evergreen in execution, and Alan White has grown so fully into the role of Yes’ drummer over the years that the idea of replacing him with Bill Bruford at this juncture seems unthinkable. That the band and their music can still exude so much energy after all these years is just another wonder in the magic show we know as Yes.

78084-2 back sleeve
78084-2 back sleeve


    disc one
  1. YOURS IS NO DISGRACE    (Bill Bruford/Steve Howe/Tony Kaye/Chris Squire/Jon Anderson)    13:03
  2. TIME AND A WORD    (Jon Anderson/David Foster)    0:58
  3. HOMEWORLD (THE LADDER)    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Billy Sherwood/Chris Squire/Alan White/Igor Koroshev)    9:44
  4. PERPETUAL CHANGE    (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    10:48
  5. LIGHTNING STRIKES    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Billy Sherwood/Chris Squire/Alan White/Igor Koroshev)    5:07
  6. THE MESSENGER    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Billy Sherwood/Chris Squire/Alan White/Igor Koroshev)    6:39
  7. RITUAL - NOUS SOMMES DU SOLEIL    (Steve Howe/Chris Squire/Rick Wakeman/Alan White/Jon Anderson)    0:59
  8. AND YOU AND I    (Jon Anderson/Bill Bruford/Steve Howe/Chris Squire)    11:22

    disc two
  9. IT WILL BE A GOOD DAY (THE RIVER)    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Billy Sherwood/Chris Squire/Alan White/Igor Koroshev)    6:28
  10. FACE TO FACE    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Billy Sherwood/Chris Squire/Alan White/Igor Koroshev)    5:32
  11. AWAKEN    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe)    17:34
  12. YOUR MOVE/I'VE SEEN ALL GOOD PEOPLE    (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)    7:27
  13. CINEMA    (Jon Anderson/Alan White/Tony Kaye/Trevor Rabin/Chris Squire)    1:57
  14. OWNER OF A LONELY HEART    (Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Trevor Rabin/Trevor Horn)    6:03
  15. ROUNDABOUT    (Jon Anderson/Steve Howe)    7:40


JON ANDERSON -- lead vocals
STEVE HOWE -- lead and acoustic guitars, steel and vocals
IGOR KOROSHEV -- keyboards and vocals
BILLY SHERWOOD -- guitars and vocals
CHRIS SQUIRE -- bass guitars and vocals
ALAN WHITE -- drums, percussion and vocals
Mike Plotnikoff -- mixing
Biff Dawes - engineer
Roger Dean -- printing & lettering, cover art, dragonfly & Yes logo
Martyn Dean -- design
Robin Kaufmann and Gottlieb Bros. -- photos

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EUR 2000 Eagle 2CD EAGCD158  
JPN 2000 Beyond 2CD TECI-32044  


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