GEF 49802 No, No, No
Produced by Yoko Ono & Phil Spector
Released on 1981
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GEF 49802 w. picture sleeve
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K ronomyth 5.1: BREAKING GLASS. What to do with her newfound Fame but release an album that straddled the worlds between John Lennon and David Bowie? The first single from Season of Glass, “No, No, No,” was an eye-onopening song that revealed what kind of scary monsters lurk in the shadow of loss. It’s a powerful track that features the same grating, nightmarish sound as Bowie’s “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” and takes an unflinching look at Yoko’s struggle to let go of the past. The single version adds another dimension to the loss by including a short recording of Sean reciting a bedtime story from his Dad, with the observation that the story can end anywhere. The B side is identical to the album version of “Will You Touch Me,” and is affirmative where the A side is negative, presented in a style as outmoded and vulnerable as “No, No, No” is modish and barbed. While Bowie had recorded songs like this in the past (e.g., “The Prettiest Star”), “Will You Touch Me” is more clearly influenced by early rock aficionados like John Lennon and Phil Spector. [Collector’s note: the US single included a lyric sheet featuring the musical credits and the words to both songs.]


  1. NO, NO, NO (SINGLE VERSION)    (Yoko Ono)    3:30
  2. WILL YOU TOUCH ME    (Yoko Ono)    2:36


Yoko Ono -- solo & background vocals, music scores, design
Michael Brecker -- tenor sax
Ronnie Cuber -- baritone sax
Anthony Davilio -- guitars (1), keyboards, conductor
David Friedman -- vibraphone & percussion
Arthur Jenkins, Jr. -- percussion
Howard Johnson -- tuba
Sean Ono Lennon -- a little story (1), illustrations
Tony Levin -- bass
Hugh McCracken -- guitars
Andrew Newmark -- drums
Earl Slick -- guitars
George Small -- keyboards
Ed Sprigg -- engineer

US/CAN 1981 Geffen 7" GEF 49802 picture sleeve


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