PC2 35564 Live Bootleg
Produced by Jack Douglas and Aerosmith
Released on October 1978
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PC2 35564 cover
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A erosmith (cookin’) puts the boots on the label. Critics cooked it anyway, called it raw and cartoonish. Maybe they were fed up with Aerosmith. In 1976 the boys were sacred cows. In 1979 they were hamburger. But in 1978 I was still Aerosmitten. “Dream On,” “Walk This Way,” “Last Child” and “Sweet Emotion” by any name (live or studio) still smelled as sweet to me. How could I resist a double elping that had all of them? Couldn’t, didn’t, never regretted it. After Toys and Rocks, this is my favorite from them. Yeah, I know that the new guard were inching them out: Dire Straits, The Cars, The Police. I owned a radio. But pick the story up at side two (“Last Child”) and tell me they don’t stand a foot taller than everyone else. That’s what makes the negative reviews so confounding. You wouldn’t point neophytes to Queen’s Live Killers or Wings Over America (I hope) because they don’t best bespeak the bands. But how could you not be an Aerosmith fan after listening to Live Bootleg? The recording quality is right in line with what you’d expect from an Aerosmith live album (the bootleg packaging has proved a red herring for some). A pair of tracks from 1973 (“I Ain’t Got You,” “Mother Popcorn”) may have beat the boots, but the rest of the tracks form a proper 1977-78 tour document. So forget what you’ve read. The band may have been falling apart, but Live Bootleg cums together with the hits, the better album tracks (“Lord of the Thighs,” “Sick As A Dog”) and a great version of “Chip Away The Stone.” A cornerstone of any Aerosmith collection.

PC2 35564 inner gatefold PC2 35564 back cover
PC2 35564 inner gatefold PC2 35564 back cover


    record one
  1. BACK IN THE SADDLE    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    4:11
  2. SWEET EMOTION    (Steven Tyler/Tom Hamilton)    4:43
  3. LORD OF THE THIGHS    (Steven Tyler)    7:13
  4. TOYS IN THE ATTIC    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    3:45
  5. LAST CHILD    (Steven Tyler/Brad Whitford)    3:03
  6. COME TOGETHER    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    4:50
  7. WALK THIS WAY    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    3:35
  8. SICK AS A DOG    (Steven Tyler/Tom Hamilton)    4:35

    record two
  9. DREAM ON    (Steven Tyler)    4:31
  10. CHIP AWAY THE STONE    (Richard Supa)    4:00
  11. SIGHT FOR SORE EYES    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Jack Douglas/David Johansen)    3:13
  12. MAMA KIN    (Steven Tyler)    3:42
  13. S.O.S.    (Steven Tyler)    2:39
  14. I AIN'T GOT YOU    (Calvin Carter)    4:00
  15. MOTHER POPCORN    (James Brown/Alfred Ellis)    6:49
  16. DRAW THE LINE/TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN'/STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry//Tiny Bradshaw/Lois Mann/Howard Kay//Bert Kaempfert/Eddie Snyder/Charles Singleton)    9:49

    All songs arranged by Aerosmith and Jack Douglas


Mark Radice -- keyboards and backing vocals
David Woodford -- saxophone (15)
David Krebs & Steve Leber -- executive producers
Lee DeCarlo -- engineer
Jack Douglas -- engineer
Jay Messina -- engineer
Karen Lesser, Ron Pownall, Steve Smith, Aaron Rapoport, Barry Levine -- photography
Kosh -- design & art direction

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US October 1978 Columbia 2LP PC2 35564 gatefold cover, picture sleeves
UK October 1978 CBS 2LP CBS 88325 gatefold cover, picture sleeves
BRA 1978 CBS 2LP 1381067 gatefold cover
JPN 1978 Sony 2LP 40AP-1170/1 gatefold cover, poster
NET 1978 CBS 2LP CBS-451129 gatefold cover, picture sleeves
AUSL/GER   CBS CD 466733  
EUR 2003 CBS CD 474967  
JPN 2004 Sony CD MHCP-322 poster


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