JC 32847 Get Your Wings
Produced by Jack Douglas and Ray Colcord
Released on March 1974
US CHART POSITION #74 . . . GOLD RECORD (4/18/75), 3x PLATINUM (2/26/01)
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JC 32847 cover
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T he strange creature that flew out of the forest less than a year later might have been mistaken for a lewd zeppelin or a spanish fly with the mark of Cronos (BOC’s brand) upon it. Such is the mix of mythology and mighty rhythms that mark Get Your Wings. What it lacks is a genuine hit. “Train Kept A Rollin’” and “Lord of the Thighs” have the crisp attack of the revolutionary rock to come, but the real goodies were still waiting in the attic. Aerosmith hadn’t yet decided what camp they were in: sleazy rockers or chemical conceptualists. “Seasons of Wither” and “Spaced” invoke the archetypes of fantasy; whether the band was any more serious about dabbling in the dark arts than Uriah Heep, probably not. Call them the original Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith were best when they were being funky and sexy, not all weird and spacey. “S.O.S. (Too Bad),” “Pandora’s Box” and “Woman of the World” bump and grind like little before them, but the band was still perfecting the formula. Horns didn’t have a place in the final formula, keyboards either, so they were nixed out for the next one. If you’re an Aerosmith fan, you’ll get Wings eventually. Toys and Rocks should come first, maybe Draw next, but this would make most people’s list of top five classic Aerosmith albums. The stuff that came in the ‘80s and ‘90s? Well, you can make your own mind up about that. There are some places even I fear to tread, and any album that harbors an “Angel” is one of them.

JC 32847 back cover
JC 32847 back cover


  1. SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    3:53
  2. LORD OF THE THIGHS    (Steven Tyler)    4:15
  3. SPACED    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    4:21
  4. WOMAN OF THE WORLD    (Steven Tyler/Darren Solomon)    5:51
  5. S.O.S. (TOO BAD)    (Steven Tyler)    2:50
  6. TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN'    (Tiny Bradshaw/Lois Mann/Howard Kay)    6:05
  7. SEASONS OF WITHER    (Steven Tyler)    5:07
  8. PANDORA'S BOX    (Steven Tyler/Joey Kramer)    5:42


TOM HAMILTON -- electric bass
JOEY KRAMER -- drums and percussion
JOE PERRY -- electric, 12 string, slide and acoustic guitars
STEVEN TYLER -- lead vocals, harmonica, piano, acoustic guitar
BRAD WHITFORD -- electric guitars
Michael Brecker -- tenor sax (1,8)
Randy Brecker -- trumpet (1)
Stan Bronstein -- baritone sax (1,8)
Ray Colcord -- keyboards (3)
Jon Pearson -- trombone (1)
Bob Ezrin -- executive producer
Jay Messina -- engineer
Jack Douglas -- engineer
Rod O'Brien -- engineer

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US March 1974 Columbia LP KC 32847  
UK 1974 CBS LP 80015  
JPN 1975 Sony LP 25AP-1212  
US 1976 Columbia LP/CS PC/PCT 32847  
US 1977 Columbia LP JC 32847  
BRA 1993 CBS CD 2057361  
US   Columbia CD/CS 57361  
GER 2003 CBS CD 474963  


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