FC 36050 Night in the Ruts
Produced by Gary Lyons and Aerosmith
Released on November 1979
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FC 36050 cover
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k ronomyth 6.0: THE JAMMY FOOLS. Apparently I’m bound by some critical oath to tell you this is the worst of the original five Aerosmith albums and then point out the band’s drug use as a cautionary tale for young readers (Don’t do drugs or your albums will be produced by Gary Lyons and suck). Except that I never thought the first two albums were any great shakes, so I’m happy to lump all three of them together into a pile marked “Those other Aerosmith albums that you let your younger brother take to college without putting up much of a fight because you only liked a couple of songs on them anyway.” (I write small, in case you’re wondering.) Yes, it’s true that Steven Tyler’s voice doesn’t sound particularly good on Night in the Ruts. And, yes, it’s true that nothing on here would be considered classic Aerosmith like “Dream On” or “Train Kept A Rollin’.” But a good two-thirds of this albums rocks pretty hard (“Bone To Bone,” “Chiquita,” “No Surprize,” “Three Mile Smile,” “Think About It”), and even the ballad “Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand),” which sounded pretty lame at the time for Aerosmith, sounds like Master of Freakin’ Puppets compared to some of the tripe that followed (“Angel,” “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”). In fact, you’d have to be pretty jaded (I am sooo sorry about that) to dismiss this album as inferior Aerosmith. Ruts lacks the calculated double-guitar riffs that marked their best work, and it does sound tired in spots (an impression no doubt aided by the album cover), and sure they were probably so wasted that their pee could peel paint, but calling it the worst Aerosmith album ignores the fact that all of the original Aerosmith albums deliver the goods on some level.


  1. NO SURPRIZE    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    4:26
  2. CHIQUITA    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    4:25
  3. REMEMBER (WALKING IN THE SAND)    (George Morton)    4:05
  4. CHEESE CAKE    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    4:16
  5. THREE MILE SMILE    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    3:43
  6. REEFER HEAD WOMAN    (uncredited on elpee)    4:03
  7. BONE TO BONE (CONEY ISLAND WHITE FISH BOY)    (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry)    3:00
  8. THINK ABOUT IT    (Keith Relf/Jim McCarty/Jimmy Page)    3:35
  9. MIA    (Steven Tyler)    4:13


STEVEN TYLER -- cover concept
Lou Delgotto -- baritone sax (2)
Lou Marini -- tenor sax (2)
Barry Rogers -- trombone (2)
Richard Supa -- guitar work (1,9)
Neil Thompson -- electric guitar (9)
George Young -- alto sax (2)
David Krebs and Steve Leber -- executive producers
Gary Lyons -- engineer
Rod O'Brien -- additional engineering
Peter Thea -- additional engineering
Berg/Kosh -- art direction and design
Jim Shea -- photography

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US November 1979 Columbia LP FC 36050 picture sleeve
UK November 1979 CBS LP S-83680 picture sleeve
ARG 1979 Columbia LP 20.063  
COL 1979 CBS LP 14-1352  
JPN 1979 CBS/Sony LP 25AP-1601  
NZ 1979 CBS LP SBP-237337  
US 1984 Columbia LP/CS PC/PCT 36050  
JPN   CBS/Sony LP 20AP-3128  
US   Columbia CD CK-36050  
GER   CBS CD 2806102  
US 1993 Columbia CD/CS CK-57366 digital remaster
JPN 1993 Sony CD MHCP-323 digital remaster
UK 2003 CBS CD 474968  


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