848 804-2 Attack of the Killer B's
Produced by Anthrax and Mark Dodson
(Track 7 produced by Anthrax and Charlie Benante)
Released on June 25, 1991
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848 804-2 cover
[high resolution scan]

K ronomyth 6.0: LATER, BEE ITCH. This is a catch-all collection that completed their contract with Island/Megaforce. Featuring mostly new (or at least newly recorded) material, it includes the rap/metal crossover hit “Bring the Noise” with Public Enemy, a pair of re-recorded Stormtroopers of Death songs (“Milk,” “Chromatic Death”), the anti-censorship “Startin’ Up A Posse,” a couple of live tracks and some leftovers from 1989’s Penikufesin EP. Inexplicably (and then again…), Attack of the Killer B’s was nominated for a Grammy (in the Best Metal Performance From a Band Who Clearly Just Threw a Whole Bunch of Leftover Shit Together to Get Out of Their Record Contract category, apparently). Ironically (or is it Sadly?), the album was also issued in a censored version that deleted “Startin’ Up A Posse” and replaced some of the nasty words in the other songs with a buzzing sound. Obviously, this is not the first, second or third Anthrax album you need to own. You should buy it before that universally reviled crapfest, State of Euphoria, or maybe even before their first two records, but Attack is ultimately no more than the usual hodgepodge of cherished covers (Kiss, Trust, Discharge) and in-joke oddities best appreciated by longtime fans. “Startin’ Up A Posse” is nearly as much fun as the original “I’m The Man;” “I’m The Man ‘91” isn’t. The covers of “Parasite” and “Sects” are awesome. “Bring The Noise” is an undisputed classic. Otherwise, this fleshes out the band’s history by bringing two S.O.D. tracks into the fold and providing the one and only ballad in Anthrax history (which, I’m embarrassed to admit, actually sounds pretty good). Like I said, fans will get a charge out of this and won’t mind being charged for it, but better to spend your money on Living, Persistence and White Noise before making a bee line for this.

848 804-2 back cover
848 804-2 back cover
[high resolution scan]


  1. MILK (ODE TO BILLY)    (Billy Milano/Charlie Benante/Dan Lilker/Jason Rosenfeld)    3:44
  2. BRING THE NOISE    (Carlton Ridenhour/Hank Schocklee/Eric Sadler/Anthrax)    3:28
  3. KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY (LIVE)    (Anthrax)    7:19
  4. STARTIN' UP A POSSE    (Anthrax)    4:14
  5. PROTEST AND SURVIVE    (Kelvin Morris/Roy Wainwright/Garry Maloney/Tony Roberts)    2:20
  6. CHROMATIC DEATH    (Billy Milano/Charlie Benante/Dan Lilker/Jason Rosenfeld)    1:28
  7. I'M THE MAN '91    (Anthrax/John Rooney)    5:00
  8. PARASITE    (Paul "Ace" Frehley)    3:14
  9. PIPELINE    (Bob Spickard/Brian Carman)    2:00
  10. SECTS    (Norbert Krief/Bernie Bonvoisin)    3:06
  11. BELLY OF THE BEAST (LIVE)    (Anthrax)    6:01
  12. N.F.B (DALLABNIKUFESIN)    (Anthrax)    2:16


FRANK BELLO -- bass, 12-string bass, voices
CHARLIE BENANTE -- drums, voices, 12-string guitar, engineer, mixing, concept
SCOTT IAN -- guitar, vocals, liner notes
DAN SPITZ -- guitar, voices
Public Enemy -- (2)
Jon and Marsha Zazula -- executive producers
Joe Barbaria -- engineer
Mark Dodson -- engineer, voices
Leif Mases -- engineer
Alex Perialas -- engineer
Michael Barbiero -- mixing
Steve Thompson -- mixing
Deborah Melian -- art direction, design
Nick Koudis -- cover logo artwork
Gene Ambo -- photography
Neil Stopol -- photography
Pat Maguire -- crossbones illustration

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US June 25, 1991 Island/Megaforce LP/CD/CS 848 804-1/2/4 picture sleeeve
US 1991 Island/Megaforce CSm 848 804-4 censored version wo. track 4
UK 1991 Island LP ILPS-9980  
GER 1991 Island/Megaforce LP/CD 211/261 732  
JPN 1991 Island CD PSCD-1121  


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