2276 Hey Jude
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Released on August 1968
UK CHART POSITION #1 . . . US CHART POSITION #1 (charted Sep. 14, 1968 for 19 weeks) . . . B-SIDE US CHART POSITION #12 (charted Sep. 14, 1968 for 11 weeks) . . . 4x PLATINUM RECORD
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2276 wo. picture sleeve
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Y ou know, Ringo really is the greatest drummer in the world. His skipping style is stamped all over “Hey Jude.” And of course, so is Paul. Though written for John’s son, Julian, it was Paul’s baby from beginning to end. You’ve got the patchworked pieces pasted seamlessly into a single epic, the soulful screaming, the almost classical melody. The flip is the original, searing version of “Revolution” from John. Man, they don’t make singles like this anymore. Both songs turned up on the catch-all compilation Hey Jude and appeared before the White Album but better harbinger the music of Abbey Road. (Compare “Hey Jude” to “Oh Darling” and “Revolution” to “Come Together.”) In case you’re wondering, the Stones released “Street Fighting Man” b/w “No Expectations” the same month. Who won? Anyone who bought both singles.


  1. HEY JUDE    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    7:11
  2. REVOLUTION    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    3:22


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UK August 1968 Apple 7" R5722  
US August 1968 Apple 7" 2276  
ITA 1968 Parlophone 7" QMSP-16433 picture sleeve
JPN 1968 Odeon 7RED OR-2121 picture sleeve, red vinyl
NZ 1968 Parlophone 7" NZP-3288  
US 1975 Apple 7" 2276 w. all rights reserved
NZ   Apple 7" NZP-3288  
US 1976 Capitol 7" 2276 orange label
US 1978 Capitol 7" 2276 purple label
US 1983 Capitol 7" 2276 black colorband label
US 1994 Capitol 7BLU S7-17694 blue vinyl


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