2764 Let It Be
Produced by George Martin
Released on March 6, 1970
UK CHART POSITION #2 . . . US CHART POSITION #1 (charted Mar. 21, 1970 for 14 weeks)
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2764 wo. picture sleeve
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F or those who licheníd the Beatles to a religious experience, let it be noted that they closed their career with two Hymns: this and ďThe Long And Winding Road.Ē In the sweltering September of my madness, Iíve begun to map out music to the Tarot, driven by a longstanding desire to connect the music to the mystic and a hatred for the small, mathematical minds of Man who must reduce everything beautiful and complex to the brute simplicity of numbers and Boolean expressions. Mathematics is merely the chattering of chimpanzees at the foot of lifeís impenetrable obelisk. (Not that Iím defending the Tarot as a system of defining anything, which in its dull innocence assigns the number 8 to God, but at least it admits the existence of chance and a higher author in contrast to that conceited devil, the decimal system.) If I tell you this song is 9/10 stars or 4 out of 5 bananas, Iíve told you nothing. But if I point my bony finger to the card of Death, where a princess weeps for a dead King and a proud priest stands hopeful of tomorrow, Iíve done the decimal system 1.0 better. The Be side is The Beatles doing their best Bonzo Dog Band impression, beloved by many as the silliest song theyíve ever written. Itís actually a patchwork of sessions from 1967 and 1969, and features a funny saxophone solo from the Stonesí Brian Jones (and thusly the Tarot begins to weave its strange magic...).


  1. LET IT BE    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    3:50
  2. YOU KNOW MY NAME (LOOK UP MY NUMBER)    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    4:20


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UK March 1970 Apple 7" R-5833  
US March 6, 1970 Apple 7" 2764 picture sleeve
FRA 1970 Apple 7" C006-04353 mono
JPN 1970 Apple 7" AR-2461  
US 1975 Apple 7" 2764 w. "All Rights Reserved"
US 1976 Capitol 7" 2764 orange label
JPN 1977 EMI/Toshiba 7" EAR-20242 picture sleeve
US 1978 Capitol 7" 2764 purple label
US 1983 Capitol 7" 2764 black colorband label
US 1988 Capitol 7" 2764 purple label


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