S-4152 She Loves You
no production credits
Released on August 1963
UK CHART POSITION #1 (RE-CHART #45 in 1983) . . . US CHART POSITION #1 (charted Jan. 25, 1964 for 15 weeks) . . . ROLLING STONE TOP 500 SONGS: #64
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S-4152 wo. picture sleeve
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T he Swan label may have been for the birds (no less than ten variations of this single were released between 1963 and 1964), but it was Parlophone who ended up with egg on their face when they sold the US distribution rights to The Beatles’ early singles rather than release them on Capitol (their US distribution arm). When this single reached #1 on both sides of the Atlantic (the first Beatles single to do so), Parlophone clipped the wings of Swan and their ilk by keeping subsequent US releases in the family. Today, the Swan single is an interesting entry-level collectible, though some variations sell for hundreds of dollars (the version you see here is one of the most common). The B side, “I’ll Get You,” later appeared on The Beatles’ Second Album (along with the A side) and much later resurfaced (in part) on Elvis Costello’s “No Dancing.”


  1. SHE LOVES YOU    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    2:18
  2. I'LL GET YOU    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    2:04


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UK August 1963 Parlophone 7" R5055  
US January 1964 Swan 7" S-4152  
JPN   EMI/Odeon 7" EAR-20224 picture sleeve
NZ 1963 Parlophone 7" NZP-3148  
CAN   Capitol 7" 72125  
JPN   Apple 7" AR-1058 picture sleeve
US 1988 Capitol CDS/CSS 44281  
US 1993 Capitol 7RED S717688 red vinyl


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