2654 Something/Come Together
Produced by George Martin
Released on October 1969
UK CHART POSITION #4 . . . US CHART POSITION #3 . . . US B-SIDE CHART POSITION #1 (charted Oct. 18, 1969 for 10 weeks) . . . GOLD RECORD (10/27/69), 2x PLATINUM (2/17/99)
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2654 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

T he most famous song from Abbey Road and the most infamous (“Come Together”). Of course “Something” is George’s first true single for The Beatles, but did you know that he also wrote some of the lyrics to “Come Together?” Harrison was really coming into his ascendancy as a songwriter. Abbey Road also contains the perennial favorite “Here Comes The Sun” from him. Aerosmith recorded and performed a version of “Come Together” for the brilliant parody film, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Just kidding about the “brilliant parody” part. I didn’t hate the film, like some people, but I didn’t have much use for the Bee Gees prancing around in silly costumes either.


  1. SOMETHING    (George Harrison)    2:59
  2. COME TOGETHER    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    4:16


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US October 1969 Apple 7" 2654  
AUS'L 1969 Apple 7" A-8943  
GER 1969 Apple 7" 1C 006 04266  
US 1975 Apple 7" 2654 w. All Rights Reserved on label
US 1976 Capitol 7" 2654 orange label
US 1978 Capitol 7" 2654 purple label
US 1983 Capitol 7" 2654 colorband label
US 1988 Capitol 7" 2654 purple label w. smooth edges
UK 1989 Parlophone 7"/CSS R/TCR 5814 picture sleeve
UK 1992 Parlophone 3CDS/CDS CD3R/CDR5814  
US 1994 Capitol 7BLU S7-17698 blue vinyl

The Last Word

"Of my songs, 'Here Comes the Sun' and 'Something' are probably the biggest. Frank Sinatra, who sings it with his 'Stick around, Jack,' says 'Something' is the greatest love song of all time. He used to say it was the greatest love song of the year. Then the decade. So what he's saying now is very nice. At last count, which was years ago, there were 140 covers of 'Something.' Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles. My personal favorite is the version by James Brown. It was one of his B sides. I have it on my jukebox at home. It's absolutely brilliant." -- George Harrison: In His Own Words. (Source: Super Seventies Rocksite!.)


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