dvd (2004) Road To Bali
Directed by Hal Walker
Released on November 19, 1952
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O ne of the last Road movies and the final one to feature Dorothy Lamour. Both Hope and Crosby were nearly 50 when the film came out, yet they manage to shuffle their way through a couple of dance numbers in the opening “Chicago Style” and the full-kilt Scottish send-up “Hoot Mon” like a pair of spry forty-year-olds. The film contains five songs (six if you count the reprise of “Moonflowers”) written by Crosby lyricist Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen. Only the Crosby ballad, “To See You Is To Love You,” is worth salvaging. Peggy Lee, who sang Lamour’s parts in the studio, makes it through two versions of “Moonflowers” without laughing and joins Crosby and Hope for the appreciably clever “Merry-Go-Run-Around.” The jokes and not the songs are the real attraction; Crosby and Hope weave their amiable banter throughout the film and around a plot that, honestly, holds less water than the rubber squid that guards the sunken Balinese treasure. With Crosby in his familiar role as the shrewd senior partner and Hope as the equally conniving but ultimately outwitted younger partner (the two were in fact the same age), the comedic duo get into and out of a series of often self-created entanglements that lead from Australia to Bali to island bliss (for one of them anyway). Although not regarded as one of the funnier Road movies, this is still a fun film to watch and has the added attraction of being the only Road movie in color.


BING CROSBY -- George Cochran
BOB HOPE -- Harold Gridley
DOROTHY LAMOUR -- Princess Lalah
MURVYN VYE -- Prince Ken Arok
Bob Crosby --
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis --
Jane Russell

US 2004 Genius Entertainment DVD   digital remaster


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