048 CRY 50 798 Early Morning Onwards
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Released on September 1972
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A t last, free from Pepperland! I never thought “Mocking Bird” would end. Though in fact, as Mr. Sunshine is kindly cooperating at the moment, I’m rather taken with Early Morning Onwards. I’ve purchased several of these early BJH compilations, confident in the fact that I’ve built up an immunity after being bitten so many times, so the only surprise for me is “I’m Over You.” It’s washing over me at the moment, and it might almost be worth the six bucks I paid for this record. That track and its loosely revolutionary B side, “Child of Man,” were issued as a nonalbum single prior to the release of this compilation, so at the time Early Morning Onwards was, well, timely. In lieu of their long (and may it continue!) career, of course, Early Morning Onwards seems a bit premature. Barclay James Harvest were still in their precious psychedelic phase, more artful than Uriah Heep in their acoustic forays but then that’s not saying a whole lot. And, as many have pointed out (myself included), BJH seemed to draw inspiration from The Beatles while suffering a bucket with a big hole in it. You’ll hear the greasy, hallucinogenic sound of Abbey Road in songs like “After The Day,” but carried in a clumsy hobble. (Okay, I think I’ve got that whole carrying-something-in-a-bucket thing nailed down.) Yet I’ll contend there’s still a place for music like this, just as new generations continue to discover Donovan. “Early Morning,” “Brother Thrush” and “Mr. Sunshine” are songs that resonate with my inner flower child (and you know you’ve got one too). So if you spot this compilation in a used record store as I did, let yourself be bitten. Send your bank a nice letter that you won’t be able to pay for this month’s checking account maintenance fee and that, while you appreciate them maintaining your account for the month, you’ve spent the money on something that will make your heart feel warm. I’m sure, if they’ve ever listened to Barclay James Harvest, they’ll understand.


  1. EARLY MORNING    (Barclay James Harvest)    2:29
  2. POOR WAGES    (Barclay James Harvest)    2:29
  3. BROTHER THRUSH    (Barclay James Harvest)    3:04
  4. MR. SUNSHINE    (Barclay James Harvest)    2:50
  5. TAKING SOME TIME ON    (Barclay James Harvest)    5:25
  6. MOTHER DEAR    (Barclay James Harvest)    3:15
  7. MOCKING BIRD    (Barclay James Harvest)    6:33
  8. SONG WITH NO MEANING    (Les Holroyd)    4:16
  9. I'M OVER YOU    (John Lees)    3:47
  10. CHILD OF MAN    (John Lees)    3:16
  11. AFTER THE DAY    (John Lees)    4:36


Werbegruppe Kochlowski -- cover
P. Watters -- photo

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UK September 1972 EMI/Starline LP SRS 5126  
UK May 1973 EMI/Starline LP SRS 5126 w. different cover
GER   Crystal/Music for Pleasure LP 048 CRY 50 798  


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