CK 44300 Career of Evil: The Metal Years
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Released on February 13, 1990
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C ronosmyth 14.0: REDEEMED (WHICH ALSO ISN’T ON HERE). Umlaut you in on a little secret: There were no metal years. Nope. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, sure. Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, maybe. But not the Cult. And yet Career of Evil goes to great pains to cast the Cult as a heavy metal band. What should have been a proper and fitting career retrospective instead becomes a live sampler with five tracks from Extraterrestrial Live (apparently the greatest BOC album ever recorded) to balance out the five studio tracks, two of which are “Beat ‘Em Up” from Club Ninja and “Harvester of Eyes” (one of four tracks from Secret Treaties, none of which are called “Career of Evil”). Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t like live albums. And I admit that when “Godzilla” and “Reaper” finally rolled around, I was hoping I’d get the sweet studio versions with those impeccable guitar solos. Nope again. You’d think a decent one-disc BOC compilation wouldn’t be such a challenge for Columbia, but the closest they’ve come is the two-disc Workshop of the Telescopes (which, in a surprising twist, actually contains the song “Workshop of the Telescopes”). It isn’t to say I don’t enjoy listening to this disc on headphones, or appreciate the addition of “Black Blade” or acknowledge that the ETLive version of “Dominance and Submission” is better than the original (even if the radios never appear). It’s just that an album of fantasy/sci-fi songs (which this is, only in metal clothing) or their legitimate hits would have better bespoke the band to future generations. Of interest, the liner notes from Arthur Levy are a fine tribute to the strange devotion this band inspires.


  1. CITIES ON FLAME (LIVE)    (Sandy Pearlman/Donald Roeser/Albert Bouchard)
  2. THE RED AND THE BLACK (LIVE)    (Albert Bouchard/Eric Bloom/Sandy Pearlman)
  3. HOT RAILS TO HELL (LIVE)    (Joe Bouchard)
  4. DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION (LIVE)    (Albert Bouchard/Eric Bloom/Sandy Pearlman)
  5. 7 SCREAMING DIZ-BUSTERS (LIVE)    (Albert Bouchard/Joe Bouchard/Sandy Pearlman/Donald Roeser)
  6. ME 262 (LIVE)    (Eric Bloom/Donald Roeser/Sandy Pearlman)
  7. E.T.I. (EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE)    (Donald Roeser/Sandy Pearlman)
  8. BEAT 'EM UP    (Bob Halligan, Jr.)
  9. BLACK BLADE    (Eric Bloom/Michael Moorcock/John Trivers)
  10. HARVESTER OF EYES    (Donald Roeser/Eric Bloom/Richard Meltzer)
  11. FLAMING TELEPATHS    (Albert Bouchard/Eric Bloom/Sandy Pearlman/Donald Roeser)
  12. GODZILLA (LIVE)    (Donald Roeser)
  13. (DONT' FEAR) THE REAPER (LIVE)    (Donald Roeser)


Arthur Levy -- liner notes
Mark Burdett -- art direction
Amy Guip -- photo illustration

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US/CAN February 13, 1990 Columbia CD CK 44300  
UK/NET 1990 CBS LP/CS 465929  


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