PB 6013 The Single Factor
Produced by Tony Clark, Andy Latimer, Haydn Bendall
Released on May 6, 1982
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PB 6013 cover
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T he singularly disappointing successor to Nude. The title refers to the fact that only Andy Latimer remained from the original lineup (Andy Ward had injured his hand and couldn’t lend the other to this recording), and for all intents and purposes The Single Factor is a Latimer solo album. As such, it’s better than Anthony Phillips’ attempts at a pop crossover, but not by a whole lot. Despite the participation of some talented musicians, including Phillips, Dave Paton, Chris Rainbow and (briefly) a returning Pete Bardens, the opening tracks sound like half-cocked DIY songs: “No Easy Answer,” “You Are The One,” “Lullabye.” As Nude revealed, instrumentals at least provide an audible link to the past, with “Sasquatch” and “Selva” here two of the highlights (the combined “A Heart’s Desire/End Peace” is even more evocative of Camel’s last record). It’s not as though Latimer has forgotten how to write good songs; in fact, “Camelogue” might be the catchiest pop song he’s written, while “Manic” would have felt at home on I Can See Your House From Here. But it took me a long, long time to appreciate The Single Factor, and even now it remains my least favorite album from their catalog. If you’re one of those Camel fans still holding a torch for the progressive music of their past, then pass on this. If you didn’t have a problem with the commercial compromise of I Can See Your House From Here, or enjoy the solo music of David Gilmour, then feel free to hook up with The Single Factor. Note that, if you do fall into the former camp of prog purists, regard this album rating as a red, since it took me an awfully long time (10+ years) to appreciate more than a couple of tracks on here.

PB 6013 back cover
PB 6013 back cover


  1. NO EASY ANSWER    (Andy Latimer)    2:55
  2. YOU ARE THE ONE    (Andy Latimer)    5:20
  3. HEROES    (Andy Latimer/Susan Hoover)    4:47
  4. SELVA    (Andy Latimer)    3:30
  5. LULLABYE    (Andy Latimer)    0:55
  6. SASQUATCH    (Andy Latimer)    4:40
  7. MANIC    (Andy Latimer/Susan Hoover)    4:24
  8. CAMELOGUE    (Andy Latimer/Susan Hoover)    3:41
  9. TODAY'S GOODBYE    (Andy Latimer/Susan Hoover)    4:04
  10. A HEART'S DESIRE    (Andy Latimer/Susan Hoover)    / END PEACE    (Andy Latimer/Anthony Phillips)    4:00


Pete Bardens --
Haydn Bendall --
Jack Emblow --
Tristan Fry --
Susan Hoover --
Graham Jarvis --
Duncan Mackay --
Francis Monkman --
Dave Paton --
Anthony Phillips --
Chris Rainbow --

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UK May 2, 1982 Decca LP SKL 5328 lyric sleeve
US May 2, 1982 Passport LP/CS PB/PBC 6013 lyric sleeve
BRA 1982 Decca LP 030040  
CAN 1982 Decca LP PL 5004 lyric sleeve
GER 1982 Decca LP 625137  
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NET 1982 Decca LP 6399 345 lyric sleeve
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