C2 36590 The Swing of Delight
Produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc.
Released on August 1980
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C2 36590 cover
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C arlos Santana joined by the circa sixty-six Miles Davis Quintet (minus Miles of course). Saliva glands engaged! However, before you swing on by, be warned that fans of the original Quintet would be better served by the V.S.O.P. recordings. The Swing of Delight is Latin-tinged fusion propelled by the fluid guitar work of Carlos Santana, Herbie’s sophisticated keys and the Santana percussion ensemble (Armando Peraza, Raul Rekow and Orestes Vilato). If you’ve been secretly hoping during those last few Santana albums that the band would make a completely instrumental album, Swing brings two to the table. Whether waxing pretty (“Love Theme From ‘Spartacus,’ “Gardenia”) or torching the place (“Golden Hours,” “Jharna Kala”), Carlos and company stay within the familiar realm of guitar-driven fusion with a Latin undercurrent. Herbie Hancock plays on the entire album, the rest of the Quintet about half the time, and the remainder is fleshed out with solid players like David Margen, Harvey Mason and Russell Tubbs. As much as you’d want to accord the Quintet the tiger’s share of the accomplishments, the hottest track on here may be “Jharna Kala” (for all intents a Santana reunion). To date, I’ve only heard two solo Carlos Santana efforts (this and LDS). If you’re in the mood to just sit back for sixty minutes and take a Latin fusion ferias, this double-elpee set is your ticket. LDS was too much fire and air for my belly. In fact, if you felt disillusioned by Santana The Band’s commercial crossover, feel free to skip ahead to Swing. It’s a solid slab of liquid fusion from end to end, no doubt made more manageable on the single-disc reissue.

C2 36590 inner gatefold C2 36590 back cover
C2 36590 inner gatefold C2 36590 back cover


    record one
  1. SWAPAN TARI    (Sri Chinmoy, arr. by D.C. Santana/R. Tubbs)    6:46
  2. LOVE THEME FROM "SPARTACUS"    (A. North, arr. by D.C. Santana/H. Hancock)    6:50
  3. PHULER MATAN    (Sri Chinmoy, arr. by R. Tubbs)    5:52
  4. SONG FOR MY BROTHER    (Devadip Carlos Santana, arr. by D.C. Santana/D. Rubinson)    6:56

    record two
  5. JHARNA KALA    (Sri Chinmoy, arr. by D.C. Santana/H. Hancock/R. Tubbs)    7:11
  6. GARDENIA    (Devadip Carlos Santana, arr. by D.C. Santana/W. Shorter)    7:08
  7. LA LLAVE    (Devadip Carlos Santana, arr. by D.C. Santana/D. Rubinson)    3:40
  8. GOLDEN HOURS    (Devadip Carlos Santana, arr. by D.C. Santana/H. Hancock)    6:36
  9. SHERE KHAN, THE TIGER    (Wayne Shorter, arr. by W. Shorter)    5:45


DEVADIP CARLOS SANTANA -- electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, percussion and vocals, design concept
RON CARTER -- acoustic bass
HERBIE HANCOCK -- acoustic pinao, Rhodes electric piano, clavnet, clavitar, Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-80, Oberheim 8-voice synthesizer, brass and strings synthesis
ARMANDO PERAZA -- congas, bongos and percussion
RAUL REKOW -- congas, percussion and vocals
WAYNE SHORTER -- soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
RUSSELL TUBBS -- flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
ORESTES VILATO -- timbales, percussion and vocals
Francisco Aguabella -- congas (7)
Graham Lear -- drums (5,8)
Alex Ligertwood -- vocals (7)
David Margen -- bass
Harvey Mason -- drums
Tony Williams -- drums
Leslie Ann Jones -- recording engineer
David Rubinson -- mixing engineer
Ray Etzler -- production occrdinator
Bill Graham -- direction
Bryan Bell -- keyboard engineer for Herbie Hancock
Steve Cain -- guitar engineer for Devadip Carlos Santana
Sri Chinmoy -- front cover art
Tadanori Yokoo -- inside art
Roger Ressmeyer -- photography

US August 1980 Columbia 2LP C2 36590 gatefold cover
UK/NET 1980 CBS 2LP 22075 gatefold cover
US   Columbia CD 36590  
JPN 2005 Sony 2CD MHCP-823/4 digital remaster


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