The Cars


Ɔ†† The Cars get started: Elliot Easton (guitar), Greg Hawkes (keyboards, synthesizer), Ric

†††††† Ocasek (vocals, guitar), Benjamin Orr (vocals, bass), David Robinson (drums).


1978.05.29††† A1.JUST WHAT I NEEDED††††††††††††††††††† UK.17†††† US.27 [6.11.78-17w]

††††††††††††† B1.Iím in Touch with Your World

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 45491

(reiss)†††††† B1.Good Times Roll

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra Spun Gold E-45119


1978.06.06††† THE CARS†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.29†††† US.18 tttttt

††††††††††††† Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

††††††††††††† A1.Good Times RollA2.My Best Friendís GirlA3.Just What I NeededA4.Iím in

††††††††††††† Touch With Your WorldA5.Donít Cha StopB1.Youíre All Iíve Got TonightB2.Bye

††††††††††††† Bye LoveB3.Moving in StereoB4.All Mixed Up


(orig lp)†††† US/AUSL/CAN Elektra 6E-135 [lyrics], UK Elektra K-52088 [lyrics], GER/NET Elektra

††††††††††††† ELK-52088, JPN Elektra P-10552E, YUG Suzy ELK-52088

(orig cs)†††† US Elektra TC5-135

(reiss lp)††† 1987: BRA Elektra 32027, US Nautilus NR-14

(reiss cd)††† 1992: US DCC GZS-1032

(reiss cdx)†† repackaged as Deluxe Edition w. bonus disc: 1.Good Times Roll (Live)2.My Best

††††††††††††† Friendís Girl (Demo)3.Just What I Needed (Demo)4.Iím in Touch With Your World

††††††††††††† (Demo)5.Donít Cha Stop (Demo)6.Youíre All Iíve Got Tonight (Demo)7.Bye Bye

††††††††††††† Love (Demo)8.Moving in Stereo (Demo)9.All Mixed Up (Demo)10.They Wonít See

††††††††††††† You11.Take What You Want12.Wake Me Up13.You Canít Push Me14.Hotel Queenie

††††††††††††† April 20, 1999: US Rhino 75700 [2CD]

(boxed)†††††† w. Candy-O

††††††††††††† 1983: US Elektra 60278 [CS]


1978.10†††††† A1.MY BEST FRIENDíS GIRL†††††††††††††††† UK.3††††† US.35 [10.21.78-15w]

††††††††††††† B1.Donít Cha Stop

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra E-45537

††††††††††††† B1.My Best Friendís Girl (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US Elektra E-45537

††††††††††††† B1.Moving in Stereo

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra K-12301, UK Elektra K-12301 [picture disc]


1979.03†††††† A1.GOOD TIMES ROLLB1.All Mixed Up††††††††††††††† US.41 [3.17.79-10w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 46014


1979.06.12††† A1.LETíS GOB1.Thatís It††††††††††††††† UK.51†††† US.14 [6.30.79-15w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US/AUSL/CAN Elektra E-46063, UK Elektra K-12371 [ps], UK Elektra K-12371P

††††††††††††† [picture disc], JPN Warnr/Pioneer P-450E [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Candy-O

††††††††††††† 7Ē: BRA Elektra 12045, EUR Elektra 12384

(reiss)†††††† B1.My Best Friendís Girl

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra Spun Gold E-45118

††††††††††††† B1.Itís All I Can Do

††††††††††††† 7Ē: CAN Elektra GS-45507


1979.06.13††† CANDY-O††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.30†††† US.3 tttt

††††††††††††† Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

††††††††††††† A1.Letís GoA2.Since I Held You A3.Itís All I Can DoA4.Double LifeA5.Shoo Be

††††††††††††† DooA6.Candy-OB1.NightspotsB2.You Canít Hold on Too LongB3.Lust for Kicks

††††††††††††† B4.Got a Lot on My HeadB5.The Dangerous Type


(orig lp)†††† US Elektra 5E-507 [lyrics], UK Elektra K-52148 [lyrics], CAN Elektra X5E-507

††††††††††††† [lyrics], GER Elektra ELK-52148 [lyrics], JPN Elektra P-10672E

(orig cs)†††† US Elektra 5C5-507, GER Elektra K452 148

(reiss lp)††† US Nautilus NR-49

(reiss cd)††† 1984: US Elektra 5E-507-2, 2001: US Elektra 60559 [digrem]


1979.09†††††† A1.DOUBLE LIFEB1.Got a Lot on My Head

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra K-12385


††††††††††††† 7: US/CAN Elektra E-46580


1979.09.25††† A1.ITíS ALL I CAN DO†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.41 [10.13.79-10w]

††††††††††††† B1.Got a Lot on My Head

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 46546

(1979.12)†††† B1.Candy-O

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra K-12416


1980.08†††††† A1.TOUCH AND GOB1.Down Boys††††††††††††††††††††† US.37 [9.6.80-11w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US/CAN Elektra E-47039, UK/GER Elektra K-12477, JPN Warner P-604E

††††††††††††† B1.Touch and Go (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US Elektra P-47039


1980.08.15††† PANORAMA†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.5 t

††††††††††††† Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

††††††††††††† 1.Panorama2.Touch and Go3.Gimme Some Slack4.Donít Tell Me No5.Getting

††††††††††††† Through6.Misfit Kid7.Down Boys8.You Wear Those Eyes9.Running to You10.Up

††††††††††††† and Down


(orig lp)†††† US Elektra 5E-514 [lyrics], UK Elektra K-52240 [lyrics], BRA Elektra 32061, CAN

††††††††††††† Elektra X5E-514 [lyrics], GER Elektra ELK-52240 [lyrics]

(orig cs)†††† US Elektra 5CS-514

(orig 8t)†††† US Elektra 5T8-514

(reiss cd)††† US Elektra 514, EUR WEA 60340, US Elektra 60565


1980.10†††††† A1.DONíT TELL ME NOB1.Donít Go to Pieces

††††††††††††† 7: US/CAN Elektra E-47080


1981.02†††††† A1.GIMME SOME SLACKB1.Donít Go to Pieces

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra E-47101


1981.11.06††† SHAKE IT UP††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.9 tt

††††††††††††† Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

††††††††††††† 1.Since Youíre Gone2.Shake It Up3.Iím Not the One4.Victim of Love5.Cruiser

††††††††††††† 6.A Dream Away7.This Could Be Love8.Think It Over9.Maybe Baby


(orig lp)†††† US Elektra 5E-567 [ps], UK Elektra K-52330

(orig cs)†††† US Elektra 5CS-567


1981.11.09††† A1.SHAKE IT UPB1.Cruiser†††††††††††††††††††††††† US.4 [11.21.82-22w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US/CAN Elektra E-47250, UK Elektra K-12583 [picture disc], GER Elektra

††††††††††††† ELK-12583, ITA Elektra W-12583 [ps]

††††††††††††† B1.Shake It Up (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra E-47250


1982.03†††††† A1.SINCE YOUíRE GONE†††††††††††††††††††† UK.37†††† US.41 [3.27.82-9w]

††††††††††††† B1.Think It Over

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra E-47433

††††††††††††† 2.My Best Friendís Girl3.Letís Go

††††††††††††† 12: UK Elektra K-13177PT [picture disc]


1982.06†††††† A1.VICTIM OF LOVEB1.This Could Be Love

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra E-47479

††††††††††††† B1.Victim of Love (Mono)

††††††††††††† 7PRO: US Elektra E-47479


1982††††††††† A1.IíM NOT THE ONE (Remix)

††††††††††††† B1.Since Youíre Gone

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra EKR-38


1984.03†††††† A1.YOU MIGHT THINK†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.7 [3.10.84-17w]

††††††††††††† 12PRO: US Elektra ED-4963

††††††††††††† B1.Heartbeat City

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69744 [ps], CAN Elektra 96 97447, BRA Elektra 12136 [ps], GER Elektra 969 744-7,

††††††††††††† JPN Elektra P-1857 [ps]

††††††††††††† 12: GER Elektra 966 968-0

(1984.11)†††† B1.I Refuse

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra E-9718 [ps]

††††††††††††† 12: UK Elektra E-9718T


1984.03.13††† HEARTBEAT CITY†††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.25†††† US.3 tttt

††††††††††††† Produced by The Cars and Robert John ďMuttĒ Lange

††††††††††††† A1.Hello AgainA2.Looking for LoveA3.MagicA4.DriveA5.Stranger EyesB1.You

††††††††††††† Might ThinkB2.Itís Not the NightB3.Why Canít I Have YouB4.I Refuse

††††††††††††† B5.Heartbeat City


(orig lp)†††† US Elektra 60296 [gf/lyrics], UK/GER Elektra 960 296-1 [gf/lyrics], CAN Elektra 96

††††††††††††† 02961 [gf/lyrics], JPN Elektra P-11403, YUG Suzy ELK-602961

(orig cs)†††† US Elektra 60296, CAN Elektra 96 02964

(orig cd)†††† US/GER Elektra 60296


1984.04†††††† A1.WHY CANíT I HAVE YOU††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.33 [1.26.85-17w]

(1985)††††††† 7PRO: US Elektra 7-69657

††††††††††††† B1.Heartbeat City

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra E-9741 [ps]

(1985.01)†††† B1.Breakaway

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69657, UK Elektra EKR-3 [ps], GER Elektra 96 96577

††††††††††††† 3.Shake It Up

††††††††††††† 12: GER Elektra 966 914-0

††††††††††††† 3.Hello Again (Remix)4.Moving in Stereo

††††††††††††† 12: UK Elektra EKR-3T


1984.05.07††† A1.MAGICB1.I Refuse††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.12 [5.19.84-17w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69724, JPN Elektra P-1873 [ps]


1984.07.23††† A1.DRIVEB1.Stranger Eyes†††††††††††††† UK.5††††† US.3 [8.4.84-19w]

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.4 [7.85]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69706, UK Elektra E-9706 [ps], FRA/GER Elektra 969 706-7, SAF

††††††††††††† Elektra EKS-727

††††††††††††† 3.My Best Friendís Girl

††††††††††††† 12: UK Elektra E-9706T, GER Elektra 966 934-0

(1989)††††††† 2.My Best Friendís Girl3.Shake It Up4.Since Youíre Gone

††††††††††††† CDS: GER Elektra 969 342-2


1984.10.15††† A1.HELLO AGAINB1.Hello Again (Dub)†††††††††††††† US.20 [10.27.84-15w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69681

††††††††††††† 3.Hello Again (Remix)

††††††††††††† 12: US Elektra 66929


1985.09†††††† A1.HEARTBEAT CITY

††††††††††††† B1.Why Canít I Have You

††††††††††††† 7Ē: UK Elektra EKR-3 [ps]


1985.10†††††† A1.TONIGHT SHE COMES†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.7 [11.2.85-17w]

††††††††††††† 12PRO: US Elektra ED-5102

††††††††††††† B1.Just What I Needed

††††††††††††† 7: US Elektra 7-69589, UK Elektra EKR-30, UK Elektra EKR-30P [picture disc],

††††††††††††† CAN/GER Elektra 96 95897


1985.10.25††† GREATEST HITS††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.27†††† US.12 tttttt

††††††††††††† 1.Just What I Needed2.Since Youíre Gone3.You Might Think4.Good Times Roll

††††††††††††† 5.Touch and Go6.Drive7.Tonight She Comes8.My Best Friendís Girl9.Heartbeat

††††††††††††† City10.Letís Go11.Magic12.Shake It Up


(orig lp)†††† US Elektra 60464 [ps], GER Elektra 960 464-1 [ps]

(reiss cd)††† 1998: US DCC GZS-1123


1986.01†††††† A1.IíM NOT THE ONEB1.Heartbeat City††††††††††††† US.32 [2.1.86-11w]

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69569


1987.08.25††† DOOR TO DOOR†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† UK.72†††† US.26 t

††††††††††††† Produced by Ric Ocasek

††††††††††††† 1.Leave or Stay2.You Are the Girl3.Double Trouble4.Fine Line5.Everything

††††††††††††† You Say6.Ta Ta Wayo Wayo7.Strap Me In8.Coming Up You9.Wound Up on You

††††††††††††† 10.Go Away11.Door to Door


(orig lp)†††† GER Elektra 960747-1 [lyrics]

(orig cd)†††† US Elektra 60747


1987.08†††††† A1.YOU ARE THE GIRL †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.17 [8.29.87-14w]

††††††††††††† 12PRO: US Elektra ED-5249

††††††††††††† B1. Ta Ta Wayo Wayo

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 69446 [ps], UK Elektra EKR-63 [ps], CAN Elektra 96 94467, JPN

††††††††††††† Elektra P-2320

††††††††††††† 3.Tonight She Comes

††††††††††††† 12: UK Elektra EKR-63T, UK Elektra EKR-63TP [picture disc], GER Elektra 966 792-0


1987.11†††††† A1.STRAP ME INB1.Door to Door

††††††††††††† 7:Ē US Elektra 7-69427, GER Elektra 969 427-7 [ps]

††††††††††††† 3.Iím Not the One

††††††††††††† 12: GER Elektra 966 785-0


1988.01†††††† A1.COMING UP YOU†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† US.74 [1.23.88-5w]

††††††††††††† 12PRO: US Elektra ED-5264

††††††††††††† B1.Double Trouble

††††††††††††† 7Ē: US Elektra 7-69432 [ps]



††††††††††††† 1.Just What I Needed2.My Best Friendís Girl3.Good Times Roll4.Youíre All

††††††††††††† Iíve Got Tonight5.Donít Cha Stop6.Moving in Stereo7.Take Me Now8.Cool Fool

††††††††††††† 9.Letís Go10.Candy-O11.Dangerous Type12.Double Life 13.Got a Lot on My Head

††††††††††††† 14.Itís All I Can Do15.Nightspots16.Slip Away17.Thatís It18.Panorama

††††††††††††† 19.Gimme Some Slack20.Donít Go to Pieces21.Touch and Go22.Donít Tell Me No

††††††††††††† 23.Shake It Up24.Since Youíre Gone25.Iím Not the One26.Cruiser27.Little

††††††††††††† Black Egg28.Funtime29.You Might Think30.Drive31.Magic32.Hello Again

††††††††††††† 33.Why Canít I Have You34.Breakaway35.Tonight She Comes36.You Are the Girl

††††††††††††† 37.Strap Me In38.Door to Door39.Leave or Stay40.Ta Ta Wayo Wayo


(orig 2-cd)†† US/AUSL Rhino 73506



††††††††††††† 1.Shake It Up2.Letís Go3.Magic4.Touch and Go5.Bye Bye Love6.Tonight She

††††††††††††† Comes7.Why Canít I Have You8.Coming Up You9.You Are the Girl10.Just What I

††††††††††††† Needed.


(orig cd)†††† US Rhino Flashback R2 74320



††††††††††††† 1.Just What I Needed2.My Best Friendís Girl3.Good Times Roll4.Youíre All

††††††††††††† Iíve Got Tonight5.Bye Bye Love6.Moving in Stereo7.Letís Go8.Itís All I Can

††††††††††††† Do9.Dangerous Type10.Touch and Go11.Shake It Up12.Since Youíre Gone

††††††††††††† 13.Iím Not the One14.You Might Think15.Drive16.Magic17.Hello Again18.Why

††††††††††††† Canít I Have You19.Tonight She Comes20.You Are the Girl


(orig cd)†††† US Rhino 78288


2005††††††††† THE ESSENTIALS

††††††††††††† 1.My Best Friendís Girl2.You Might Think3.Since Youíre Gone4.Shake It Up

††††††††††††† 5.Just What I Needed6.Magic7.Touch and Go8.Drive9.You Are the Girl

††††††††††††† 10.Candy-O11.Tonight She Comes12.Letís Go


(orig cd)†††† WEA Intíl