7-69681 Hello Again
Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange & The Cars
Released on October 15, 1984
US CHART POSITION #20 (charted Oct. 27, 1984 for 15 weeks)
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7-69681 wo. picture sleeve
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K ronomyth 5.4: DUB LEPPARD. Mutt Lange had no business tinkering with The Cars, as evidenced by the singularly awful “Hello Again,” which sounds like a cross between a Ric Ocasek solo album and Def Leppard (vampyromania?). Yet music had lost its way in the mid 80s, and Heartbeat City became a fool’s beacon that marked the year from March (“You Might Think”) through December (“Hello Again”). A video for the song, directed by Andy Warhol, sums up the spiritually shipwrecked 80s as well as anything. The single also included a Dub Version on the flip, which features dialogue from the Looney Tunes (notably Mr. B. Bunny) and somehow manages to be dubbly annoying than the original.


  1. HELLO AGAIN    (Ric Ocasek)    3:45
  2. HELLO AGAIN (DUB VERSION)    (Ric Ocasek)    6:02

    12-inch single track listing
  3. HELLO AGAIN (REMIX VERSION)    (Ric Ocasek)    5:54
  4. HELLO AGAIN (DUB VERSION)    (Ric Ocasek)    6:02
  5. HELLO AGAIN (LP VERSION)    (Ric Ocasek)    3:47


Arthur Baker -- remix
Chris Lord-Alge and Tom Lord-Alge -- remix engineer
The Latin Rascals and Andy Wallace -- edits

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US October 15, 1984 Elektra 7" 7-69681  
US 1984 Elektra 12PRO ED-5104  
US 1984 Elektra 12 66929  
CAN/GER 1984 Elektra 7" 969 681-7  
CAN/GER 1984 Elektra 12 966 929-0  
SPA 1984 Elektra 7" S969681-7 picture sleeve


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