E-47250 Shake It Up
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker
Released on November 1981
US CHART POSITION #4 (charted Nov. 21, 1981 for 22 weeks)
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E-47250 w. picture sleeve
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T he Cars weren’t about to shake things up too much, adding another slice of indelible ‘80s magic to the Collective Jukebox with the title track to their fourth album. Listening to this song (or any Cars song really), it occurs to me that they may have been the last of the great glam rock bands. I say that because The Cars grabbed whole sections of their strategy from the glam operator’s manual: keep it stylish, keep it moving, make it sequined but timeless. “Shake It Up,” like most any Cars song, sounds as good today as it did twenty years ago (a test that T.Rex also passes). The B side is the album track “Cruiser,” which is more intense and paranoid than most Cars tunes but also less memorable. This single was released in colored vinyl and as a picture disc.


  1. SHAKE IT UP    (Ric Ocasek)    3:32
  2. CRUISER    (Ric Ocasek)    4:54


Ian Taylor -- engineer

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US/CAN November 1981 Elektra 7" E-47250 picture sleeve
US 1981 Elektra 7PRO E-47250 feat. A mono on flip
UK 1982 Elektra 7PIC K 12583 picture disc
GER 1981 Elektra 7" ELK12583  
ITA 1981 Elektra 7" W12583 picture sleeve


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