1503-S Oh Very Young
Produced by (a) Paul Samwell-Smith and Cat Stevens, (b) Cat Stevens
Released on March 1974
US CHART POSITION #10 (charted March 16, 1974 for 17 weeks)
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1503-S wo. picture sleeve  

T his is one of my favorite tracks from Cat, a wonderful message with a shiny new melody wrapped around it. The lyrics remind us that our time on earth is short to effect change; if we want to improve the world around us, we should carry love in our hearts and lives. Honestly, my problem with most “religious” rock is that it fails to aspire to much, as if tacking any old melody on to a spiritual sermon will do. It didn’t for Bach, and it didn’t for Cat Stevens, whose songs often seemed to spring from a source of deep inspiration. “100 I Dream” is deep in something, but I’m not sure it's inspiration. More a case of Cat wandering into the deep dark woods of ambitious folk rock, though this track from Foreigner may be the most appealing from that album. Both songs are identical to the album cuts, so you won’t find anything new here.


  1. OH VERY YOUNG    (Cat Stevens)    2:33
  2. 100 I DREAM    (Cat Stevens)    4:10


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UK 1974 Island 7" WIP6190  
US/CAN March 1974 A&M 7" 1503-S  
US 1974 A&M 7PRO 1503PR feat. A mono on flip
AUS'L/NZ 1974 A&M 7" K/IK.5494  
FRA 1974 A&M 7" 6138 042 picture sleeve
GER 1974 A&M 7" S13252  


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