PUT 269-2 Brazilian Playground
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Released on September 25, 2007
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I am the Robot Peacemaker of 2029 and I am here to tell you that the BetaBabies of Brasil will be the new bosses, and not just of the bossa nova. The Alphamerican youth, with their Selena Gomezes, are being slipped a Mickey and will awake to find a world that no longer dances to their tune. Listen to Brazilian Playground and you will hear the sound of a race that respects its children. The songs are sophisticated, silly sometimes but also serious. On this playground, possessions aren’t important, the Earth is, and love is intertwined with sadness. The music doesn’t talk down to children but talks up to them as the future caretakers of our world. Putumayo put a lot of effort into this compilation, from informed choices to the nicely illustrated and well translated (into four languages!) packaging. Standout songs (for children and adults) include “Tum Tum Tum,” “Alo…Alo,” “Tem Fila” and “Expresso 2222.” There’s even a song that’s unique to this disc, the opening “Pancada” from Gui Tavares, which sings the praises of a lovable jalopy. Don’t be scared off by the inevitable references to the Rainforest and Ipanema; Brazilian music is urbane by nature. Because this disc favors forros, you’ll hear more accordion than usual on here, which suggests French music that has traded its cigarette smoke for rays of sunshine. Putumayo’s goal is to introduce children to global music, but it’s the parents who stand to gain the most from this introduction. Yes, they’ll invariably end up humming parts of “Alo…Alo” during their workday. But they’ll also be reminded that children are smarter than we credit them. Make no mistake: children will take over the world one day, and I’d prefer that their worldview be informed by Brazilian music like this rather than the garbage churned out by the Disney Corporation.


  1. Gui Tavares: PANCADA    (Aguinaldo Guilherme Tavares)    3:44
  2. Roberta Sá: TUM TUM TUM    (Ary Moneitro/Crit&oactue;vão De Alencar)    1:57
  3. Luiz de Aquino: MORENA    (Luiz de Aquino)    2:52
  4. Cláudio Jorge: COCO SACUDIDO    (Claudio Jorge/Nei Lopes)    2:43
  5. Marissa: AL&Ocric;...ALÔ    (Andre Filho)    2:30
  6. Paulinho Guima: ÊH! SANFONERO    (Paulo Guimaraes)    3:05
  7. Nazaré Pereira: FORRÓ NO ESCURO    (Luiz Gonzaga)    2:49
  8. Gabriel Moura: TEM FILA    (Gabriel Moura/Mauricio Baia/Jovi Joviniano/Carlos Negreiros)    2:36
  9. Teresa Cristina: SE A LEGRIA EXISTE    (Teresa Cristina)    2:51
  10. O Karaíva: XOTE DAS MENINAS (ELA SÓ QUER)    (Ze Dantas/Luiz Gonzaga)    1:46
  11. Adriana Maciel: SAMBA DOS ANIMAIS    (Jorge Mautner)    3:10
  12. Gilberto Gil: EXPRESSO 2222    (Gilberto Gil)    2:40
  13. Moska: MARINHEIRO SÓ    (public domain, arr. by Caetano Veloso/Emanuel Capinam)    2:42


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US September 25, 2007 Putumayo Kids CD    


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