NCD 2085 Nothing Exists
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Released on 1985
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K ronomyth 1.0: SOMETHING BURROUGHS’D, SOMETHING NEW. The mere existence of Copernicus in our dim and dying universe is a boot upon the hand that clings to the importance of reality, stability, mortality. He is the mad shaman of the subatomic, preaching revolution to the protons and neutrons. He is a blacklight beacon for those who would follow the inverse of everything. Like the mysterious quark gluon plasma, the circumstances that brought Copernicus, Larry Kirwan and Pierce Turner together led to the creation of a new and luminous nebula of sounds and voices. In describing Copernicus’ first album, I come back to the Beats and their brood: Burroughs, Ginsberg, Laurie Anderson. The difference is that our astronomer of the atomic and his shipmates are improvisational artists: no map, no compass, no north star. Copernicus is the center of his own universe and navigates for the known edge and past the fringes into the interminable black of being. As a kindness, the record isn’t as daunting as it could have been. Kirwan, Turner and the loose collective of musicians provide recognizable milestones of guitar, drums and keyboards on “I Won’t Hurt You” and “Nagasaki” that result in actual songs after a sort. And even the odd excursions into the unknown (“Let Me Rest,” “Atomic Nevermore”) where the declamation of Copernicus is the lone and fitful light in a dark, roiling sea aren’t likely to scare off travelers who have ventured into the stranger quarters of the psychedelic rock world. If you believe improvisational poetry and music can yield new discoveries, and would willingly follow the gravel-voiced Copernicus into uncharted waters, then Nothing Exists is something to consider. A few of the tracks, like “Quasimodo,” are surprisingly good for spontaneous compositions and will appeal to anyone who felt Big Science was too controlled.


  1. I WON'T HURT YOU    4:13
  2. BLOOD    5:32
  3. I KNOW WHAT I THINK    3:05
  4. QUASIMODO    4:19
  5. LET ME REST    11:12
  6. NAGASAKI    5:08

    Kirwan and Turner are the musical mother and father, but every musician who partakes designs his or her own part with vocals spontaneously created by Copernicus


COPERNICUS -- vocals
FRED CHALENOR -- bass guitar
FIONNGHUALA -- flute, vocals
PADDY HIGGINS -- bodhran, floor toms
CHRIS KATRIS -- guitar
LARRY KIRWAN -- guitar, keyboards, vocals
JEFFREY LAD -- flute, keyboards, effects
ANDY LEAHY -- violin, vocals
STEVE MENASCHE -- marimba, percussion
FRED PARCELLS -- affected trombone
PIERCE TURNER -- keyboards, vocals
JIMMY ZHIVAGO -- guitar, piano
Ron Bacchiocchi, Andy Heermans, Michael Theodore -- engineers
Eric Darton -- cover and disk photo
Fernando Natalici -- all other photos
Leonardo Pavkovic -- CD reissue graphics

US 1985 Ski Records LP SR-2085  
US April 20, 2010 Nevermore CD NCD-2085 digital remaster


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