SD 7220 Graham Nash/David Crosby
Produced by David Crosby, Graham Nash & Bill Halverson
Released on April 1972
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SD 7220 diecut cover  

A fter the breakup of Crosby Stills & Nash (the first go ‘round anyway), David Crosby and Graham Nash released successful solo albums and next elected to combine their talents on this eponymous album. The decision paid off as Graham Nash/David Crosby nearly topped the US charts and climbed comfortably into the UK Top 20, generating two singles including the Top 40 “Immigration Man.” As opposed to a true collaboration, this album alternates tracks by Nash and Crosby, thus representing a continuation of their solo careers rather than an attempt at a “CS&N lite” sound. What happens as a result is a striation of styles, alternating between Graham’s gilded country pop and David’s sere, airy songs. With better material this could have been the best parts of both artists distilled. As it stands, this record is a good amalgam of their unique songwriting, not likely to quell the call for a CS&N reunion but better than the solo albums that followed. Crosby’s tracks tend to blow across like tumbleweeds, bluesy and folksy and cloudlike, shifting slowly to elusive melodies while Crosby’s voice stays fixated like a sun. Of his contributions, “The Wall Song” (featuring Jerry Garcia’s distinctive lead guitar) and “Page 43” are the more substantial tracks, the miniature “Where Will I Be?” the most intriguing. Graham’s songs tend to work better as standalone tracks, grounded where David’s songs float away. “Southbound Train” is remarkably effective, suggesting elements of Nashville Skyline-era Dylan due to the mix of pedal steel (again courtesy of Garcia) and the songwriter’s own harmonica playing. “Strangers Room” and “Frozen Smiles” are also pleasant tracks, arguably better choices for the single than “Immigration Man,” which likely won out because of its CS&N-like harmonies. While the merger may have been financially motivated at first, Graham Nash/David Crosby remains one of the most gratifying extracurricular outings from the CS&N axis, a snapshot of two artists still at their peak. And when on Cape Cod, don’t forget to visit The Caped Cod, a wonderful used record store located in lovely downtown Chatham. That’s where I bought my copy.

SD 7220 inner trifold SD 7220 back cover SD 7220 lyric sleeve
SD 7220 inner trifold SD 7220 back cover SD 7220 lyric sleeve


  1. SOUTHBOUND TRAIN    (Graham Nash)    3:54
  2. WHOLE CLOTH    (David Crosby)    4:35
  3. BLACKNOTES    (Graham Nash)    0:58
  4. STRANGERS ROOM    (Graham Nash)    2:28
  5. WHERE WILL I BE?    (David Crosby)    3:22
  6. PAGE 43    (David Crosby)    2:56
  7. FROZEN SMILES    (Graham Nash)    2:17
  8. GAMES    (David Crosby)    4:02
  9. GIRL TO BE ON MY MIND    (Graham Nash)    3:27
  10. THE WALL SONG    (David Crosby)    4:37
  11. IMMIGRATION MAN    (Graham Nash)    3:02


DAVID CROSBY -- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
GRAHAM NASH -- vocals, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, harmonica
CRAIG DOERGE -- piano, electric piano, organ
DANNY KOOTCH -- lead guitar
Dana Africa -- flute (5)
Johny Barbata -- drums (1,11)
David Duke -- French horn (4)
Chris Ethridge -- bass (1)
Jerry Garcia -- steel guitar (1), lead guitar (10)
Billy Kreutzman (sic) -- drums (10)
Phil Lesh -- bass (10)
Arthur Maebe -- French horn (4)
David Mason -- lead guitar (11)
George Price -- French horn (4)
Greg Reeves -- bass (11)
Bill Halverson -- engineer
Doc Storch -- engineer
Tom Wilkes (for Camouflage Productions) -- design
Robert Hammer -- front cover photography
Joel Bernstein -- back & inside cover photography

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US April 1972 Atlantic LP SD 7220 diecut trifold cover, lyric sleeve
UK May 1972 Atlantic LP K50011 diecut trifold cover, lyric sleeve
JPN   Atlantic LP P-8174A diecut trifold cover, lyric sleeve
JPN 1998 Atlantic CD AMCY-2903  


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