9 47436 2 Looking Forward
Produced by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Joe Vitale, Ben Keith, J. Stanley Johnston
Released on October 26, 1999
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9 47436 2 cover
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I was looking forward to this album, and I wasn’t disappointed. It had been more than a decade since CSN&Y had recorded an album together, so what to expect? Expect that David Crosby will continue to wrote prickly protest songs, that Stephen Stills will continue to expand his musical horizons, and that Nash will provide the quiet oases. Predicting what Neil Young will do is fool’s work. Here, hot from re-examining his work with Buffalo Springfield, Young kicks in the sort of tuneful, left-of-center songs that marked his work with that band. “Queen of Them All,” the retro “Out of Control,” the sagacious “Slowpoke,” and the gentle title track are arguably all standouts on this album. The disc closes with the track “Sanibel,” written by Denny Sarokin and blowing like a soft ocean breeze off the land and filling the sails for further adventures. The harmonies have grown harsher over the years, a crowded achievement rather than a crowning one, but Looking Forward continues to blend the unique voices of its individual members into a better album than any one of them might have achieved individually. There are only minor concessions to modern music, notably Stills’ “No Tears Left.” Otherwise, little has changed since After The Storm. The quartet seems content to re-cast the past, appropriating Bob Dylan (“Seen Enough”), looking back to old glories (“I Almost Cut My Hair” echoed in “Stand And Be Counted”), and reviving the old Buffalo (“Out of Control”). Honestly, CSN&Y has no business being in the future, and they seem content to exist outside of time here. The operative moniker here is CSN+Y, since it’s what Young adds to the equation that makes this a better album than After The Storm.


  1. FAITH IN ME    (Stephen Stills)    4:18
  2. LOOKING FORWARD    (Neil Young)    3:06
  3. STAND AND BE COUNTED    (David Crosby/James Raymond)    4:50
  4. HEARTLAND    (Graham Nash)    4:25
  5. SEEN ENOUGH    (Stephen Stills)    5:11
  6. SLOWPOKE    (Neil Young)    4:32
  7. DREAM FOR HIM    (David Crosby)    4:59
  8. NO TEARS LEFT    (Stephen Stills)    5:04
  9. OUT OF CONTROL    (Neil Young)    4:07
  10. SOMEDAY SOON    (Graham Nash)    3:42
  11. QUEEN OF THEM ALL    (Neil Young)    4:20
  12. SANIBEL    (Denny Sarokin)    4:20


DAVID CROSBY -- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mixing
GRAHAM NASH -- vocals, acoustic guitar, mixing
STEPHEN STILLS -- vocals, bass, Hammond B3 organ, electric & acoustic guitars, hand-held cowbell, tymbales, maracas, bataa, double basses, percussion, engineer, mixing
JOE VITALE -- drums (bateria), additional Hammond B3 organ, bataa
NEIL YOUNG -- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, tiple, celeste, mixing
Alex Acuna -- additional tymbales
Lenny Castro -- percussion
Vince Charles -- percussion
Luis Conte -- congas, jombe, bass drum, bataa, percussion
Craig Doerge -- keyboards
Mike Finnigan -- Hamond B3 organ
Snuffy Garrett -- guitar
Bob Glaub -- bass
"Hutch" Hutchinson -- bass
Gerald Johnson -- bass
Ben Keith -- perdal steel & dobro
Jim Keltner -- drums
Joe Lala -- additional congas
Spooner Oldham -- keyboards
James Raymond -- piano
Denny Sarokin -- guitar
Ed Cherney -- engineer
Bill Halverson -- engineer, mixing
Tim Mulligan -- engineer
Nathaniel Kunkel -- additional engineering
Gary Burden, Jenice Heo for R. Twerk & Co. -- art direction & design, lettering, inside inlay painted lettering
Pegi Young -- front cover photography
Henry Diltz -- band photos
R. Mac Holbert for Nash Editions -- outside folder band photo imaging

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WW October 26, 1999 Reprise 2LP/CD/CS 47436 lyric sleeve
UK 1999 Reprise CS WE-491  


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