SS 8418 Get It
Produced by Dave Edmunds
Released on 1977
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R eally you should (get it), because Dave Edmunds doesn’t just know rock and roll, he gets it. He understands that Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry are all manifestations of the same rock and roll spirit. And so you get Bob Seger mixed with Chuck Berry (“Get Out of Denver”), Rodgers & Hart with The Beach Boys (“Where Or When”), Graham Parker with CCR (“Back to School Days”). Honestly, I thought Edmunds the least interesting half of Rockpile, but not after hearing this. The opening “Get Out of Denver” is a Berry blast, while the tracks from Dave n Nick (“Here Comes The Weekend,” “Little Darlin’”) are absolute keepers. The Rockpile album sounded cloying and country-gooey in spots (“Now And Always,” “If Sugar Was As Sweet As You”), like it was being played at the wrong speed. No such motor trouble here; Edmunds never stalls despite the changes in terrain from ragged charmer to romantic to rambunctious rockabilly king. He understands that he’s a great guitarist, a good vocalist and a middling songwriter. By contrast, Lowe didn’t understand his own limitations; he made great songs sound good, Edmunds makes good songs sound great. If you doubt me, listen to their versions of “I Knew The Bride” side by side. Lowe may have written it, but Edmunds owns it. In fact, he owns every inch of Get It, an accomplishment considering that his backing band is part Rumour and part Rockpile, all of them capable of stealing the spotlight at any moment. I did it backwards, buying Seconds first. Go with Get It and Labour of Lust instead and save Rockpile for a rainy day.

SS 8418 back cover
SS 8418 back cover


  1. GET OUT OF DENVER    (Bob Seger)    2:16
  2. I KNEW THE BRIDE    (Nicholas Lowe)    2:56
  3. BACK TO SCHOOL DAYS    (Graham Parker)    2:47
  4. HERE COMES THE WEEKEND    (Dave Edmunds/Nicholas Lowe)    1:57
  5. WORN OUT SUITS, BRAND NEW POCKETS    (Dave Edmunds)    2:24
  6. WHERE OR WHEN    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)    2:18
  7. JUJU MAN    (James Ford/Lolly Vegas)    3:23
  8. GIT IT    (Bob Kelly)    2:21
  9. LET'S TALK ABOUT US    (Otis Blackwell)    2:14
  10. HEY GOOD LOOKIN'    (Hank Williams)    1:53
  11. WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?    (Nicholas Lowe)    1:47
  12. LITTLE DARLIN'    (Dave Edmunds/Nicholas Lowe)    3:21
  13. MY BABY LEFT ME    (Arthur Crudup)    2:00


DAVE EDMUNDS -- vocals, guitars, bass, keyboadrs, percussion
BOB ANDREWS -- keyboards, accordion
STEVE GOULDING -- percussion
NICK LOWE -- bass
BILLY RANKIN -- percussion
PAUL RILEY -- bass
TERRY WILLIAMS -- percussion
Dave Charles -- engineer
Edward Barker -- artwork
Keith Morris -- photography

UK 1977 Swan Song LP SSX 55904  
US/AUSL/CAN 1977 Swan Song LP SS 8418  
GER 1977 Swan Song LP SS 59404  
JPN 1977 Swan Song LP P-10392N  
US February 28, 2006 Wounded Bird CD 8418  


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