SS 8507 Repeat When Necessary
Produced by Dave Edmunds
Released on June 1979
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SS 8507 cover
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I know I should have more respect for Carl Perkins. I’ll add it to the list. (The list is long.) Dave Edmunds is down a little on the list, past Carl. I’m just not big for retro rock. I like Elvis, but what I liked about him was his voice. Without that voice, well, you’re talking Carl Perkins. Dave Edmunds has a lot of respect for Carl Perkins. Maybe too much. Throw me a “Goodbye Mr. Good Guy” or “We Were Both Wrong” and it’s a pleasant diversion (“Messed Around,” for example). Throw too many of them at me (“Dynamite,” “Sweet Little Lisa”) and it’s an unpleasant aversion. I didn’t grow up in the Fifties, I’m not nostalgic for the Fifties, I’m glad I didn’t have to put junk in my hair and sculpt it into a hood ornament. Edmunds playing cutesy with Elvis Costello’s “Girls Talk,” I’m on board for. Shining up Graham Parker’s “Crawling From The Wreckage,” sure, fine. Even previews of hits for other people (“Queen of Hearts,” “Bad Is Bad”) earn points with me. But Get It got to me faster. Nothing on Repeat grabs me like “Little Darlin’” or “Here Comes The Weekend.” It’s just not in the same time zone with me. I didn’t get the whole Stray Cats thing. I wouldn’t pay $20,000 for a Volkswagen Beetle either. Giving the past a new coat of paint doesn’t interest me. (I could be listening to disco right now.) Edmunds is a good guitarist, has an ingratiating voice and a great ear for material. Would’ve made a swell A&R guy for some label. Me, I’ll go back to Tracks to see if I missed something.

SS 8507 back cover SS 8507 picture sleeve
SS 8507 back cover ST-15560 picture sleeve


  1. GIRLS TALK    (Elvis Costello)    3:25
  2. CRAWLING FROM THE WRECKAGE    (Graham Parker)    2:53
  3. THE CREATURE FORM THE BLACK LAGOON    (Billy Murray)    3:42
  4. SWEET LITTLE LISA    (Hank DeVito/Donivan Cowart/Martin Cowart)    3:38
  5. DYNAMITE    (Morrt Carson/Tom Glazer)    2:33
  6. QUEEN OF HEARTS    (Hank DeVito)    3:17
  7. HOME IN MY HAND    (Ronnie Self)    3:20
  8. GOODBYE MR. GOOD GUY    (Billy Murray/Pat Meager)    2:40
  9. TAKE ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE    (Trade Martin)    2:39
  10. WE WERE BOTH WRONG    (Billy Murray)    2:42
  11. BAD IS BAD    (Hughie Lewis)    3:11


DAVE EDMUNDS -- vocals, guitar, piano
BILLY BREMNER -- guitars
NICK LOWE -- bass
Roger Bechirian -- piano (1), engineer and co-operator
Albert Lee -- guitar (4)
Hughie Lewis -- harmonica (11)
Lyn Goldsmith -- photo
Edward Barker -- graphics

UK June 1979 Swan Song LP SSK-54909 picture sleeve
US June 1979 Swan Song LP SS 8507 picture sleeve
BRA 1979 Swan Song LP 30125  
CAN 1979 Swan Song LP QSS 8507 picture sleeve
GER 1979 Swan Song LP SS 59 409 picture sleeve
JPN 1979 Swan Song LP P-10731N  
US   Swan Song CD 8507  


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