ZM 200612 Vienna Dialogues
Produced by Dave Liebman and Bobby Avey
Released on October 10, 2006
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ZM 200612 cover
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K ronomyth 74.0: DAVE LIEDERMANN. This disc contains Romantic lieder re-interpreted for piano and soprano saxophone, the prospect of which may already be making you sleepy. I own most of the original lieder (la-dee-dah), which are established classics in their own right, but Liebman and young pianist Bobby Avey are clearly after a more contemporary interpretation that opens the window for plenteous sax soloing. Except for Wagner, I donít recall a lot of wailiní sax from the Romantic period, which Liebman apparently sees as an injustice. Aveyís arrangements break the songs down to basic chords, Liebman carries the original melodies some of the time and riffs off of the them the rest of it. Itís an interesting exercise, excepting that Iím a lazy couch potato and donít much like classical exercises from jazz musicians (i.e., jazzercise). The marriage of jazz and classical works well on accessible pieces like Handelís Sonata No.6 and Debussyís Fleur des Bles, though some may prefer the darker, jazzier interpretations of Schubertís Tranenregen/Wasserflut and Brahmsí Immer Leiser Wird Mein Schlummer (Sheís Leaving With My Plumber). After seventy-plus albums, itís great that Liebman continues to expand his horizons (and tooter a new generation), nice that Zoho recorded this for posterity, and fine listening for those refined few who think saying the words ďFleur des BlesĒ doesnít warrant a punch in the face or the Heimlich Maneuver. Despite a small voice in my head that tells me I could use a little more culture in my life, Vienna Dialogues mostly reminds me why thereís half an inch of dust on my boxed set of Schubertís Die Winterreise. Still, the mournful, soulful sound of the soprano sax is an interesting choice for these works; if Liebman decides to tackle some of Brahmsí chamber works for clarinet, wake me up for that one.

ZM 200612 back sleeve
ZM 200612 back sleeve


  1. ROMANCE OP.92 NO.2    (Bobby Schumann)    4:34
  2. ETUDE IN E FLAT MINOR OP.1O NO.6    (Freddy "Fingers" Chopin)    7:50
  3. MAY BREEZES OP.62 NO.1 (FROM "SONGS WITHOUT WORDS")    (Felix "Da Cat" Mendelssohn)    5:02
  4. IMMER LEISER WIRD MEIN SCHLUMMER OP.105 NO.2    (Johnny Brahms)    8:00
  5. SONATA #6    (Georg "The Animal" Handel)    3:22
  7. FLEUR DES BLES    (Claude "Where are you now, funny boy?" Debussy)    7:02
  8. DER EINSAME IM HERBST (FROM "DAS LIED VON DER ERDE")    (Gustav "Kindertotenleiderhosen" Mahler)    12:34

    Arrangements by Bobby Avey and Dave Liebman


BOBBY AVEY -- piano
DAVE LIEBMAN -- soprano saxophone
George Graham -- engineer, mixing, editing
Jack Frisch, Alvaro Morales -- photography
3+Co., New York -- package design
Roger Davidson and Joachim "Jochen" Becker -- executive producers

US October 10, 2006 Zoho CD ZM 200612  


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