MCAD-6194 Music From The Motion Picture
Soundtrack: Something Wild
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Released on 1986
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S omething Wild featured an almost all-original soundtrack as likeably left-of-center as the film itself. Director Jonathan Demme, you’ll recall, was at the helm for Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense, so the man clearly has good musical taste. For this film, he enlisted the help of David Byrne and Jerry Harrison plus an impressive list of new wave and reggae luminaries: Jimmy Cliff, Fine Young Cannibals, UB40, Steve Jones. The truly impressive part is that most of them were willing to contribute new material to the project. Some of the better songs (“Not My Slave,” “Man With A Gun”) soon ended up on proper studio albums, but much of it remains exclusive to this soundtrack. In fact, several of the tracks would appear to be written specifically for the film: “Loco de Amor (Crazy For Love),” “Man With A Gun,” “Wild Thing,” “Zero, Zero Seven Charlie.” The David Byrne song, credited to David y Celia, is even historically important as the first example of the Latin/hyperpop fusion he would develop on Naked, Rei Momo and Uh-Oh. Less impressive is Fine Young Cannibals’ limp version of the Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen In Love,” which served as the soundtrack's single. Punk fans may also want to cover their ears for Jones’ “With You Or Without You” (damn, they weren't called the sucks pistols). Sister Carol also falls into the perennial pit of trying to write a new song around the melody of “Wild Thing,” which has never ever ever sam kinison spam ever ever worked in the history of mankind since 1966 anyway. Still, Something Wild is a soundtrack with something to say, and a fitting companion to a movie that captured much of what was best about the 80s.

MCAD-6194 picture sleeve
MCAD-6194 picture sleeve


  1. David y Celia: LOCO DE AMOR (CRAZY FOR LOVE)    3:45
  2. Fine Young Cannibals: EVER FALLEN IN LOVE    3:48
  4. Oingo Boingo: NOT MY SLAVE    4:23
  5. Jimmy Cliff: YOU DON'T HAVE TO CRY    3:57
  6. Steve Jones: WITH YOU OR WITHOUT YOU    4:46
  7. Sonny Okossun: HIGHLIFE    3:40
  8. Jerry Harrison: MAN WITH A GUN    4:32
  9. New Order: TEMPTATION    3:28
  10. Sister Carol: WILD THING    4:05


Arthur Baker -- producer (5,10)
Steve Bartek -- producer (4)
David Byrne -- producer (1)
Percy Chin -- producer (10)
Danny Elfman -- producer (4)
Fine Young Cannibals -- producer (2)
Jerry Harrison -- producer (2,8)
Jah Life -- producer (10)
New Order -- producer (9)
Sonny Okossun -- producer (7)
Bob Rose -- producer (6)
UB40 - producer (4)
Jonathan Demme -- executive producer
Edward Saxon -- associate producer
Gary Goetzman -- music supervisor
Sharon Boyle -- music coordinator
Loretta Farb -- post production supervisor
Kathy Nelson -- music consultant for MCA Records
Jeff Adamoff -- art direction
DZN, The Design Group -- design
Tony Fitzpatrick -- original painting
Wayne Sides -- photograph of painting



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