W2 26799 Uh-Oh
Produced by Nick Launay
Released on March 1992
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W2 26799 cover
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T he first CD player I ever bought was a Luxman back in 1992 and the first CD I ever played on it was this one. For forty-five minutes, I was convinced that the CD was the world’s greatest invention. Then I played the second CD I ever played on it, Suzanne Vega’s Book of Dreams, and realized that not every CD I put in there would come out sounding like caffeinated heaven. Still, it was a nice dream while it lasted, and every time I hear “Now I’m Your Mom” a little part of me smiles inside at my own naivete. Uh-Oh is an insanely catchy record, mixing Byrne’s typically left-of-center popservations with wild horn arrangements (courtesy of Angel Fernandez). In a sense, it’s like getting Naked all over again. The first five songs are terrific, including the hilarious “Girls On My Mind” and “Hanging Upside Down.” Byrne is never at a loss for a lost cause, a clever phrase, a catchy chorus that makes your inner monkey dance. He’s not the angry, angst-ridden young man any more but the bemused middle-aged observer. The wit is Swiftian, the music is celebratory, sexy, smart but not standoffish. Uh-Oh feels like a Latin Oingo Boingo some of the time. Rei Momo established his affection for Latin music, though I haven’t listened to it yet, so I can’t compare the two. (Like I said, yet. It’s languishing around here somewhere.) The songwriting is unmistakably Byrne: cool and condescending. The horn section maybe you weren’t expecting, but it’s one of the best things about this album. Make no mistake, Uh-Oh is a godsend for long-suffering Heads fans who prayed for a proper followup to Naked.

W2 26799 back picture sleeve
W2 26799 back picture sleeve


  1. NOW I'M YOUR MOM    (David Byrne/Angel Fernandez)    4:43
  2. GIRLS ON MY MIND    (David Byrne)    3:52
  3. SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT    (David Byrne/Terry Allen)    3:37
  4. SHE'S MAD    (David Byrne)    5:20
  5. HANGING UPSIDE DOWN    (David Byrne/Angel Fernandez)    4:31
  6. A WALK IN THE DARK    (David Byrne)    4:21
  7. TWISTIN' IN THE WIND    (David Byrne)    4:14
  8. THE COWBOY MAMBO (HEY LOOKIT ME NOW)    (David Byrne)    3:37
  9. MONKEY MAN    (David Byrne)    4:07
  10. A MILLION MILES AWAY    (David Byrne)    4:24
  11. TINY TOWN    (David Byrne/Angel Fernandez)    5:03
  12. SOMEBODY    (David Byrne)    4:59


DAVID BYRNE -- vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, repared pens & whistles, arrangements, band photos
ASHLEY CADELL -- synthesizers, clavinet, vibes
CAFE -- bongos, blocks, bell, ago-go, tamborim, surdu
RONNIE CUBER -- bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
ANGEL FERNANDEZ -- flugelhorn, trumpet, piano, arrangements
ITE JEREZ -- trumpet
DOLETTE McDONALD -- backing vocals
HECTOR ROSADO -- congas, maracas, triangle, tambora
STEVE SACKS -- flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, vocal effects, prepared pens & whistles, tenor saxophone
OSCAR SALAS -- drums, timables, cowbell, woodblock, surdu, bell, shakere
CHRISTOPHER WASHBURNE -- bass & tenor trombones
Joyce L. Bowden -- backing vocals
Milton Cardona -- bata drums
Lloyd Carter -- violin
Gerald Chamberblain -- tenor trombone, trombone
John Clark -- French horn
Billy Cliff -- backing vocals
Lewis Del Gatto -- tenor saxophone
Akua Dixon -- cello
Felix Farrar -- violin
Melanie Feld -- oboe
Lawrence Feldman -- tenor saxophone
Fred Griffen -- French horn
Nona Hendryx -- backing vocals
Ken Hitchcock -- tenor saxophone
Nicky Holland -- backing vocals
John James -- backing vocals
Lewis Kahn -- violin
Patmore Lewis -- violin
Dick Oatts -- alto saxophone
Enrique Orengo -- cello
Leopoldo Pineda -- trombone
Marc Quinones -- reco reco, cowbell, vocal effects, prepared pens & whistles
Charlie Sepulveda -- trumpet, trumpet solos
Joe Shepley -- trumpet
Tom Ze -- vocal effects, prepared pens & whistles, arrangements
Nick Launay -- engineer, mixing
M&Co. -- design
Brian Dewan -- cover painting (from a sketch by David Byrne)
Scott Stowell & Mr. Chick -- drawings
Chris Nofzinger -- David Byrne photo

WW March 1992 Luaka Bop/Warner Bros. LP/CD/CS 26799  
GER 1992 Warner Bros. CDX 26799 w. bonus CDS (W-0086CD)


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