45-2792 Music Is Love
Produced by David Crosby
Released on November 1978
US CHART POSITION #95 (charted May 1, 1971 for 1 week)
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45-2792 w. the wrong sleeve
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D avid Crosby’s airy foray into solo superstardom was a mixed bag of stems, seeds and some really good shit. If I Could Only Remember My Name sold over half a million copies in the US, all without so much as sniffing a hit single. “Music Is Love” was a blip on the edge of the radar that soon faded in favor of 4-Way Street. Cowritten by Neil Young and Graham Nash, it’s interesting insofar as the various CSN and (sometimes) Y permutations yielded slightly different results like a musical tangram. Recorded while the peace movement was still in full flower, “Music Is Love” is more than mere hippy trippy bliss. Just because everybody’s saying that music is love doesn’t make it so. By inviting the cynical Young and innocent Nash into the discussion, Crosby must have known that he was covering the argument from all angles. Though largely informal in sound and perhaps even improvised, “Music Is Love” also opens itself up to some interesting possibilities at the end. The promotional radio copies featured the song in stereo and mono versions, but no version of this single is deemed collectible. Well, maybe the version listed in Tim Neely’s Goldmine 45 rpm Record Guide that cites “Laughing” as the A side, but I’m just being a smartass.


  1. MUSIC IS LOVE    (Graham Nash/Neil Young/David Crosby)    3:17


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US April 1971 Atlantic 7" 45-2792  
US 1971 Atlantic 7PRO 45-2792 feat. A mono on flip


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