82484-2 Thousand Roads
Produced by Stephen Barncard, Marc Cohn, Phil Collins, David Crosby, Nick Davies, Glyn Johns, John Leventhal, Dean Parks, Phil Ramone, Don Was
Released on May 4, 1993
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82484-2 cover
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I usually hit a fork in the road with this one, where the left and right channels in my head duke it out. For example, itís a better record than I expected. (I didnít expect much.) Phil Collins makes David Crosby look romantic. (David Crosby makes Phil Collins look sexy.) The material is excellent. (Crosby hardly wrote any of it.) David Crosby does a good job singing it. (The original songwriters could have done a better job.) Crosby did write part of ďYvette In English.Ē (Yeah, probably the lousy part.) He wrote all of ďThousand Roads,Ē and thatís one of the best tracks on here. (Gee, maybe he could write an album all by himself in, I dunno, another twenty years.) The man is a legend, and the all-star cast shows how revered he is. (More like FartAid.) Itís an adult pop record, but itís a good adult pop record. (No such animal, compadre.) In fact, I always enjoy listening to this album. (You enjoy watching cartoons too.) His deep life experience resonates when he sings. (Probably just a burrito.) Itís certainly better than Graham Nashís last record. (Has anybody even seen that guy? I think aliens took him.) And I didnít expect David Crosby to still be around in 1993, let alone making music. (The aliens must have had a small ship.) I guess it depends on whether you see the glass as half full or half empty. (Or whether you paid fifteen bucks for this or five.) Me, I think itís great that heís still making music. (Canít argue with you there.)

82484-2 booklet back cover
82484-2 booklet back cover


  1. HERO    (Phil Collins/David Crosby)    4:39
  2. TOO YOUNG TO DIE    (Jimmy Webb)    5:45
  3. OLD SOLDIER    (Marc Cohn)    4:58
  4. THROUGH YOUR HANDS    (John Hiatt)    4:33
  5. YVETTE IN ENGLISH    (Joni Mitchell/David Crosby)    5:53
  6. THOUSAND ROADS    (David Crosby)    4:31
  7. COLUMBUS    (Noel Brazil)    4:26
  8. HELPLESS HEART    (Paul Brady)    4:18
  9. COVERAGE    (Bonnie Hayes)    3:22
  10. NATALIE    (Stephen Bishop)    4:55


DAVID CROSBY -- vocals
BERNIE LEADON -- electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Stephen Bishop -- harmony
Jackson Browne -- harmony
David Campbell -- arrangements
David Watkins Clarke -- bass
Marc Cohn -- acoustic piano
Phil Collins -- percussion, keyboards, vocals
Luis Conte -- percussion
Larry Corbett -- cello
Paulinho Da Costa -- percussion
Craig Doerge -- keyboards, arrangements
Armen Garabedian -- concert master, violin
Berj Garabedian -- violin
Scott Haupert -- viola
Bonnie Hayes -- keyboards
Ethan Johns -- drums, additional electric guitar, percussion
Ruth Johnson -- violin
Suzie Katayama -- cello
Jim Keltner -- drums
Russell Kunkel -- drums
Michael Landau -- electric guitar
Kipp Lennon -- harmony
John Leventhal -- guitar
Andy Fairweather Low -- electric guitar
Dimitrie Levici -- violin
Graham Nash -- harmony, harmonica, art direction
Maria Newman -- viola
Pino Paladino -- bass
Dean Parks -- guitar, flute
Jeff Pevar -- guitar
Jeff Porcaro -- drums
Daniel Smith -- cello
Benmont Tench -- keyboards
C.J. Vanston -- keyboards
Jimmy Webb -- acoustic piano
Paul "Wix" Wickens -- keyboards, accordion
Evan Wilson -- viola
David Young -- acoustic bass
Stephen Barncard -- engineer
Nick Davies -- engineer
Paul Dieter -- engineer
Rob Eaton -- guitar overdub engineer
Ed Goodreau -- engineer
Glyn Johns -- engineer
Rik Pekkonen -- engineer
Jan Crosby -- executive producer
Guido Harari -- cover photograph
Mac Holbert -- cover art

US/UK May 4, 1993 Atlantic CD/CS 82484 lyric sleeve
CAN 1993 Atlantic CD CD 82484  
JPN 1993 Atlantic CD AMCY-546  


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