David Gilmour
His guitar style was one of the most distinctive in progressive rock’s classic canon, and in the half-second before a David Gilmour solo broke open was the palpable anticipation of something lucid, piercing, doomed and beautiful. Gilmour was actually the last to join Pink Floyd, leaving Unicorn to support and ultimately replace Syd Barrett. Playing a supporting role to visionary Roger Waters in the band’s classic phase, David stepped into the spotlight as guitarist/vocalist in the re-formed Floyd after Waters’ departure. He has also released several solo albums, testing the waters as it were.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1978 June There's No Way Out of Here
1984 March 5 ABOUT FACE
1984 March Blue Light
1984 May Love On The Air
1984 All Lovers Are Deranged
2002 September 17 IN CONCERT
2006 March 6 ON AN ISLAND
2006 On An Island
2006 Smile
2006 December 25 Arnold Layne

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