DAVID 1 Release
Produced by David Knopfler & Tony Spath
Released on September 1983
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DAVID 1 cover
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D ire Straits. There, got it out of the way early. And before you’re thirty seconds into “Soul Kissing,” you’ll be thinking the same thing. David Knopfler sounds a lot like older brother Mark. Without the lyrical genius, without the killer guitar lines. Which still leaves plenty: vulnerable melodies, a gruff but likeable voice, smart lyrics, the look and feel of vintage Straits. I couldn’t tell you why he left Straits and what he went searching for, but on Release he finds room. Room to write songs, room to sing them, room to pick a band of his own choosing. Unfortunately, the album never got the attention it deserved; releasing it on Peach River Records probably had something to do with that. When I listen to it nowadays, I get the sense I’m listening to “lost” Dire Straits songs, the same way I feel about The Kinks when I’m listening to Dave Davies’ stuff. “The Great Divide,” “Soul Kissing” or “Madonna’s Daughter” could have found their way onto any Dire Straits album and had their champions. Release is more than mimicry, of course. Knopfler and Harry Bogdanovs swim outside the Straits for “Come To Me,” “Roman Times” and “Night Train.” The theme of release appears on two tracks, and maybe that’s what David Knopfler was after. You get the sense that he’s happy to be out of the limelight, and certainly some flowers do better in the shade. However, somebody somewhere needs to release this on CD again, since leaving it in the shade is one thing, burying it another. Most listeners will arrive at the music of David Knopfler through the door marked “Dire Straits,” and locking that door in musty vinyl is a big mistake. Once inside, you’ll understand that David’s solo journey was Knopfler nothing.

DAVID 1 lyric gatefold DAVID 1 back cover
DAVID 1 lyric gatefold DAVID 1 back cover


  1. SOUL KISSING    (David Knopfler)
  2. COME TO ME    (David Knopfler/Harry Bogdanovs)
  3. MADONNA'S DAUGHTER    (David Knopfler)
  4. THE GIRL AND THE PAPERBOY    (David Knopfler)
  5. ROMAN TIMES    (David Knopfler/Harry Bogdanovs)
  6. SIDESHOW    (David Knopfler)
  7. LITTLE BROTHER    (David Knopfler)
  8. HEY HENRY    (David Knopfler)
  9. NIGHT TRAIN    (David Knopfler/Harry Bogdanovs)
  10. THE GREAT DIVIDE    (David Knopfler)


DAVE KNOPFLER -- guitars, synthesizers, pianos, vocals, executive producer
ARRAN AHMUN -- drums, congas, percussion
HARRY BOGDANOVS -- synthesizers
BETSY COOK -- piano, synthesizers, backing vocals
DMX -- drums
MIKE PACE -- saxophones
KEVIN POWELL -- bass guitars
BUB ROBERTS -- guitars
Marie Broady -- backing vocals
Roger Downham -- vibraphone
John Illsey -- bass guitar (1)
Germaine Johnson -- backing vocals
Mark Knopfler -- rhythm guitar (3)
Pino Paladino -- bass guitar (8)
Danny Schogger -- piano (10)
Bobby Valentino -- violin (8)
Bernd Lissok -- executive producer
Hugh Murphy -- production work on initial recordings
Busy Lizzy Design -- design and artwork

UK/FRA 1983 Peach River Records LP DAVID 1 gatefold cover
US/CAN 1983 Passport LP/CS PB 6030 gatefold cover
AUS'L 1983 Polydor LP 817 235 gatefold cover
GER 1983 Intercord LP/CD 1/8 45080  


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