Donald Fagen
Steely Dan co-founder Fagen has released solo albums about as frequently as Roger Waters. Fagen's albums are fussed-over, featuring many of the same cast members, drier than the music of Steely Dan but still unmistakably the work of the same artist. The Nightfly is the best of these, a romantic look back at his childhood that includes his two most popular solo songs, "I.G.Y." and "New Frontier."

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1982 October THE NIGHTFLY
1982 October I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)
1983 January New Frontier
1983 April Ruby Baby
1988 March Century's End
1993 May 25 KAMAKIRIAD
1993 June Tomorrow's Girls
1993 August Trans-Island Skyway
1993 November Snowbound
1993 Countermoon
2006 March 14 MORPH THE CAT
2006 H Gang
2006 What I Do

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