RS-1-3004 No Reason To Cry
Produced by Rob Fraboni
in association with Eric Clapton and Carl Dean Radle
Released on August 1976
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RS-1-3004 cover
[high resolution photo]

K ronomyth 7.0: ERIC AND BOB IN THE BAND’S BASEMENT. Clapton, Bob Dylan and The Band... what’s not to like? No Reason To Cry is an album of EC hunkered down in The Band’s basement with guest appearances by Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood and the full support of The Band themselves. Although it featured a Top 40 single in “Hello Old Friend” (I would have loved to hear George Harrison cover this one), No Reason To Cry contains few standout tracks and became his third album in a row not to go gold in the US. The Dylan/Clapton collaboration “Sign Language” is a highlight and would have been a sweet addition to Street Legal, while the two tracks authored by the Band members (“Beautiful Thing,” “All Our Past Times”) are alright. No Reason To Cry is otherwise notable for the attention given to Marcy Levy, who sings lead or co-lead on the closing three tracks: “Innocent Times,” “Hungry,” “Black Summer Rain.” Clapton fans won’t be surprised that Levy handles the load with ease, although not everyone will appreciate the guitarist’s willingness to share so much of the spotlight. Rounding out the album are covers of Otis Rush’s “Double Trouble” and a relatively obscure cover of Alfred Fields’ “County Jail Blues.” (The CD reissue features a bonus track: a cover of “Little” Walter Jacobs’ “Last Night.”) Among his mid-period albums, Ocean Boulevard, Slowhand and Backless are the ones to own first. No Reason To Cry is an also-ran, something that disappears from the discussion boards after so many years but ripe for rediscovery--a kind of Planet Waves in the constellation of Clapton.

RS-1-3004 back cover RS-1-3004 picture sleeve 1824-2 cover
RS-1-3004 back cover RS-1-3004 picture sleeve 1824-2 cover
[high resolution scan]


  1. BEAUTIFUL THING    (Richard Manuel/Rick Danko)    4:24
  2. CARNIVAL    (Eric Clapton)    3:41
  3. SIGN LANGUAGE    (Bob Dylan)    2:57
  4. COUNTY JAIL BLUES    (Alfred Fields)    3:58
  5. ALL OUR PAST TIMES    (Eric Clapton/Rick Danko)    4:36
  6. HELLO OLD FRIEND    (Eric Clapton)    3:34
  7. DOUBLE TROUBLE    (Otis Rush)    4:19
  8. INNOCENT TIMES    (Eric Clapton/Marcy Levy)    4:10
  9. HUNGRY    (Dick Sims/Marcy Levy)    3:37
  10. BLACK SUMMER RAIN    (Eric Clapton)    4:55
  11. (CD reissue bonus track:) LAST NIGHT    (Walter Jacobs)    4:51


Aggie --
Brains Bradley --
Sandy Castle --
Connie --
Rick Danko --
Terry Danko --
Jesse Ed Davis --
Bob Dylan --
Yvonne Elliman --
Bob Ellis --
Georgie Fame --
Albhy Galuten --
Geoffrey Harrison --
Levon Helm --
Garth Hudson --
Chris Jagger --
Konrad Kramer --
Dick La Palm --
Dread Lever --
Marcy Levy --
Dominic Lumetta --
Richard Manuel --
Nello --
Jamie Oldaker --
Pete --
Billy Preston --
Carl Radle --
Robbie Robertson --
Sergio Pastora Rodriguez --
Larry Samuels --
Dick Simms --
Wilton Spears --
George Terry --
Mick Turner --
Wah Wah Watson --
Ronnie Wood --
Ed Anderson -- engineer
Nat Jeffrey (Jeffery?) -- engineer
Ralph Moss -- engineer

US August 1976 RSO LP/CS/8T RS/CT/8T-1-3004 picture sleeve
UK August 1976 RSO LP 2479 179 picture sleeve
BRA/FRA/GER/NET/URU 1976 Polydor LP 2394 172  
JPN 1976 Polydor LP MWF-1013  
YUG   RTB LP 5642  
UK 1983 RSO LP SPELP-2  
JPN   Polydor CD POCP-2535  
US   Polydor CDX 813 582 w. bonus track
US September 10, 1996 Polydor CDX 1824-1 digital remaster w. bonus track
JPN 1998 Polydor CDX POCP-9122 digital remaster w. bonus track
JPN   Polydor CD UICY-9161 w. bonus track
JPN 2002 Universal CDX UICY-2328 20-bit remaster w. bonus track
UK 2008 Universal CDX 9834606 w. bonus track
JPN 2008 Universal CDX UICY-93634 SHMCD remaster w. bonus track


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